Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JQuery library for SharePoint

yesterday was a marathon for SharePoint. It was the opening day of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Twitter was busy busy and one of the interesting posts was about an open source project that makes JQuery friendly with SharePoint, that is great news!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New SharePoint Simple CMS partner: Vortalities

I'm very glad to announce that The SharePoint Simple CMS is welcoming Vortalities, from Belgium as a new partner.

They represent our first partner from Belgium. Click here to see a Map of SharePoint Simple CMS partners.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next videos about SEO and increasing visits to your Blog.

I wanted to make today a new video but I got immersed in the research. But I found good topics for the next few videos:

  1. Google trends
  2. Google insights for Search
  3. Google trends for Web sites
I hope you'll like them. If you have any suggestion feel free to make a comment here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to get money from my Blog using Google Adsense?

I'm in the way to discover the trick and I would like to share with you my first clue.
Analysing the data from my Adsense account (from the past 2 years) I found out that in order to get 70 EUR or 100$ you need to get around 100000 visits. Yap... that's a lot of visits. You can decrease that number if your Blog or Web site talks about something where advertisers pay more per click and if you decrease the number of visitors that come to your site by mistake.
Therefore it is important to understand a couple of things:

  1. Your Blog or Web site should speak about 1 topic. That will make it easier for visitors to find useful your contents and better for Google Adsense to publish relevant Ads. As focused your topic as better.
  2. If you would like to talk about other topics then create as many Blogs or Web sites as topics you have. That will attract more focused audiences, increase the amount of clicks and even if you get 10$ per site if you have 10 sites then you get 100$.
  3. Learn which are the topics that are the most interesting for people around the world. This one is very important and I found a free tool that will help you:

Linking your Blog to your Facebook profile

I think that Facebook is a great way to promote your Blog and that is specially true with the "Notes" functionality. If you don't have a Blog that is a good way to start and let all your contacts know when you write something. If you have already a Blog the Facebook Notes will automatically get all your Blog posts!

If you want to se how please check the following videos: (remember that you can see the videos in full screen mode)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so techy... but important: Peter Drucker Global Forum in Vienna

The first global Peter Drucker Forum will be in Vienna. This is important for all of you interested in management and leadership.
Elizabeth Edersheim, the author of The Definitive Drucker, will have a speech and here is an abstract about it: click here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Partner Program for SharePoint Simple CMS

I just finished making a short video about what the SharePoint Simple CMS provides to partners. I hope it is easy to understand.. my English is far from perfect :)

SharePoint Simple CMS Partnership Program from Jose Antonio Morales on Vimeo.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Steve Smith : Scalling out a SharePoint farm and configuring network load balancing on the web servers

Steve Smith full video session during the SharePoint Conference in Slovenia (2008).
A great session every SharePoint Pro needs to see!

Scalling out a SharePoint farm and configuring network load balancing on the web servers from Matjaz Korenjak on Vimeo.

Visit Steve's Web site at: http://www.combined-knowledge.com/

Thursday, October 01, 2009

How to create users in Windows 2003, the easy way

If you use Windows Server 2008 and you need to create users in your Active Directory there is a good way to do it.

  • You will need to use MS Excel for creating the command line to create your users.
  • You will need to have administrative rights for the server where you wish to create the users on.
The normal is to get the name of the user and the email. It is ideal to get all the rest automatically.

Your Excel file should start like that:

How to separate a name from a lastname in Excel and divide them in 2 columns?

The first problem is that you might want to separate the Name from the Lastname in order to have a better DB or just to make a mail merge for a future email notifying with the new username and password. The formula (Office 2007) should be like that:

To retrieve the lastname the formula would be like that:

Then you can use any other formula or algorithm to generate the passwords. After you have that information you need the column that will generate the command line:

Of course the formula considers the names of the columns as I created them but you can modify that. The formula is not so visible on the image so here you have it: ="net user"&" "&Table1[[#This Row];[Username]]&" "&Table1[[#This Row];[Password]]&" /add /domain"

Then you will see how Excel magically transforms the information you have (emails and names) in the full command line you need for creating your users using the command prompt.

The last advise is to copy and pasthe the all the column, excluding the name of the column, in a TXT file to avoid problems of formatting. Now you can rename the the TXT file into a BAT file. The file should be moved to the server and executed, all the users would get instantly created.

Professional Web site templates

I normally use Google reader for receiving RSS updates of what is interesting on the Web. Yesterday I found a Web site that offers many kinds of templates for Web sites. They aren't free but they are very affordable, in most of the cases the PSD file is included in the price and that gives the chance to make modifications on the template directly from PhotoShop.

I personally like very much the WordPress themes. (Click on the image to visit the site)

If you are looking for a hosting provider feel free to contact me.