Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Adobe SoundBooth

Some weeks ago I had to edit an audio cast recorded in the lobby of one hotel in Ljubljana. It was very difficult because the background noise was painful!
I made some efforts but It was difficult to remove those annoyances. I just discovered a tool that promises to help in that kind of cases. It is the Adobe SoundBooth.
The Beta2 version is available for download.

Photoshop CS3 Beta

Adobe just released a public Beta for the PhotoShop CS3, this time the software is also made for the Intel based Macs. If you have installed an original version of a previous Adobe Photoshop or Creative Suite you can request an activation key so your beta software could work for more than the 2 days "preview" set as default.
The CS3 looks very good! I think they made huge improvement on the interface. It is more organized than before and helps to get advantage of the screen space.
My Creative Suite is for PC and I've installed the beta in a Mac computer, so the activation key is not working. For those cases is needed to send an email to
As soon as I will get my activation key I will write more about the new CS3!

Give a check on this Blog to get more info about Photoshop CS3:

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More for Christmas!

Some time ago Boris made a post about free music for Christmas. And I think at this moment many people must be looking for the same.
Visit Boris's Blog and get the songs. They are just great!

Take advantage of what your PC can make!

Make something special from all the digital material you will produce on this Holidays! For PC users there is free download that is just great! It is the Microsoft Photo Story 3.
This is the work of many Slovenian kids that are sharing their wishes for this Christmas:

Video: Prazniki 2006

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Expression Web

Microsoft's Expression Web is the "evolution" of the Microsoft FrontPage.
It is part of a set of tools designed for Web design. Expression Web helps web developers to design and produce Web sites that respect known standards.
You can download a trial: click here
Check some screenshots in

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A suggestion for our friends in Redmond

Well, I'm writing this post just to remember our friends in Redmond that Office Live is only working with Internet Explorer 6 or superior. Many persons use FireFox and Opera as well but they can't get access to the great Office Live. Of course Internet Explorer is free and can be downloaded without any problem. But I think the users of the WWW are far more experienced than some years ago and they like freedom of choice and that can go in favor of others like Google, AOL or Yahoo.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nintendo Wii - my personal opinion

I had the chance to play with a Nintendo Wii yesterday evening.
One of the first things captured my attention was the packaging; it was a similar impression that when you get your first Apple product. All made to make easier and nicer the experience.
After 5 minutes I had all connected and working. Very intuitive and simple.
Once "on" the Wii guided me to know how to use it and configure it. A couple of minutes and ready to play. Investing one more minute I had a "Mii" that is a character inside of the game console that "looks" like "me"... the process was very funny. I was able to select the hair style, skin color, shape of the face, you can imagine how funny was that. My wife was laughing all the time playing with my virtual face! (Then I was laughing when making her "Mii").
The Nintendo Wii comes with 1 set of controls, it means that comes with 2 controls for 1 user. Yes, some games are using your right and left hand so you need 2 controls per person. The controls are motion sensitive and that makes the Wii very special. It works very good and that makes us to play tennis with Tatjana, my wife, and learn how to use the controls in just few seconds! What a great thing. The Ninendo Wii comes with Wii Sports game that includes tennis, bowling, golf, baseball and boxing. All are simple games but really effective, I mean that they really makes you to have fun!
It s true that I'm not in a good shape, long time ago that I was not making exercises, and the Wii made me to swing, box and move my body like I never made in from of a TV! This is not a replacement for a sports routine but certainly is the opposite of being in front of the TV or PC moving the hand and the eye balls. That's a good experience.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

60 days free evaluation of Office 2007

If you can't wait anymore and you would like to start learning how to use better the new Office 2007 then you just need to fulfill a simple process and then download it!
Go to this link and finito:
You will find there also some other super cool applications I'm sure you will be able to use :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Life is comic...?? Only for mac users

I just discovered in my MacBook a software named "Comic Life" and it is just great!

Its purpose is to add pictures in comics style templates, then you can add bubbles with texts and some other cool effects.

It is so nice that I'm thinking in transforming my Blog into a "comic style blog". Here you can see a sample: The amateur gourmet

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My favorite podcasts

Well, finally I find a time to write a short post for my Blog!This time I would like to share the podcasts I like to listen and here they are:

  1. Cnet There I find daily updates of the most important news on technology and also some interesting round tables where journalists discuss interesting topics.
  2. Digital Planet: The best weekly podcast with interesting opinions about technology and its impact in society.
  3. HBR IdeaCast: A weekly podcast with interesting comments that help business people to get some ideas and learn from others.
  4. Pandora Podcast: Pandora is a great online radio service and just a few days ago they published their podcast, super interesting concepts about music.
  5. Science Talk: For information about science, biology, technology... this is a great source of information. It helps me to be informed about topics outside of the "ITC" area.
  6. Wall Street Journal on Small business

I hope you find some of them interesting.