Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Test your connection speed

In many cases I hear the "maybe your connection is not so good" statement. I know of many tools that test your connection speed but finally I found the one I like.
It is provided by Speakeasy and you can find it in: this link
be sure to close all applications that use your connection because it will decrease the accuracy of your test. Applications like: email, instant messaging (messenger, skype..), any download software or any software update utility.

Answers from my questions to Adam, Sprindgdoo

Each time I like Springdoo more. And I'm really thinking how to use it to improve the way I'm making business.
A few days ago I've sent some questions to Adam Freeman and I used the "Springcaster" to do so. Now he listened to the questions and used the same tool to answer to my message!
One of the greatest things of the Springcaster is that it merges the videos or audios published and the answers of the audience. The other thing is that you can use in your Blog the answers or whatever you published there individually.
So how to see the answers from the spring caster? First you must check the number of replies you have, then click on the element and then you will see that a tab will activate the chance to see the answers. Something like that:

Then, after clicking on the tab "Replies" you will see the list of replies. the rest is simple you click on the reply you want to see or listen and that's it!

you can see and play with my SpringCaster in: This link you can send me your comments as well.
Anyway you can see the answers individually:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

MajikWidget a great way to add interesting functions to your Blog

Do you need your audience to rate an opinion, product, post in your Blog, idea? Or do you need to make multiple option Polls?
Finally an interesting an easy to use tool is available. I'm talking about MajikWidget.
They give you 25 "credits" for free and that means that you can use their widgets 25 times. If you need to use more then you need to buy credits.

i find 2 of their gadgets really interesting: The "star ranking" and the "voting poll". YOu can see them bellow

You can try the star ranking right away by rating this post :)

You can try the voting poll answering the following question:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Voice message to Adam Freeman, Springdoo COO

This time I'm using the SpringCaster tool they provide. I recorded the voice message, it could be a video message as well, and now he will be able to answer the message right here from my Blog and using the technology his company provides. Thats cool!

You too, can Springdoo