Saturday, November 24, 2007

Upgrade from iPhoto '06 to iPhoto '08

It is amazing that there is no easy way to find a solution for the following problem:

"I have a MacBook and there I use the iLive '06. Now I got a new iMac and I would like to free some space on the notebook and move all iPhoto library. The trick is that the MacBook uses a newer version of iLife. How to do it?"
  1. First of all forget about looking for some "import" or "export" function. Those are for exporting pictures or photos, not for exporting the library. That would not get details and custom properties from the pictures like: keywords, name of the roll, dates.
  2. Burning to a DVD is an option. But if your Library is too big then the task is complex.
  3. Make a backup of your current library (Source computer - MacBook in my case). You can find it on "Home"; "Pictures".
  4. Go to the new computer (target computer) and find the same folder in the same location. You will delete the Library folder and replace it with the one you backed up.
    Attention! When you will delete the "target" "iPhoto Library" you will delete all the contents of that iPhoto. In my case I had none... I'm talking about a clean and just installed iPhoto '08.
  5. Once the copy process finishes, and not before, open the iPhoto, it will request you to update the library. Accept and go forward.
  6. That's it! All will be working like in your other computer!
Tip!: The same applies for moving the music library from iTunes!! and it will keep your podcasts and videocasts subscriptions. All working like nothing happened!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Problems with iMovie'08 and Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)

I have an iMac with a clean installation of the operating system (Leopard) and the iLife 2008. All fine but I found that my iVideo was just not starting. I removed the software and installed it again; no effect.
Something interesting was that the other applications found that there is an update but anyway I couldn't download it using the "software update". So I ignored this step...
The error message on iVideo was:

So, how I found the solution... Looking on Google? no. I did it but I couldn't find a solution...
So I went to Apple web site... :)

When I installed that update all went fine! and then the "software update" functionality worked perfect and installed all the rest of the updates.

You will find the link to the download on the page of each one of the products of iLife. It looks something like this:If you find more interesting ways to solve issues regarding your iLife 08 and your new Leopard (Mac OSX 10.5) please write a comment. And enjoy!

Kindle and interesting revolution

A few days ago Amazon released the Kindle. It is a wireless e-book reader. The importance of the word "wireless" is the key: You can download books, newspapers, Blogs without the need of a computer or a wireless network. It works with a system similar to the one mobilephones uses with a huge difference... you don't have to pay for it. You just pay for the Kindle and your books or subscriptions; in the case of the Blogs... you download it for free.
The problem after the release is that the people didn't like the way the Kindle looks. You can include myself in that group. But no matter what people is buying a lot of them. Look at this artice on
You can find more information and also super interesting videos in Amazon's web site.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Web designers Sharing Point

If you are a web designer or you know some person that runs a business related to Web design then my Blog "Web Designers Sharing Point" can be interesting.

Actually the main idea of that Blog is to start creating a community of professional designers interested in advertising their work and complement it with our experience with SharePoint and our own CMS.

We are looking for the sinergy between B4Contact's team and professionals of Web design. We have customers that need their work and we could add CMS functionality to their designs also improving their business. I think it is a win to win offer.

We are interested in supporting the open source community and we are willing to finance the creation of free CSS templates.

Like a sign of our interest in that community we are offering free hosting for the web site of the designers. Like that we presume that we can be saving some money to freelancers and professionals.

Windows Live Hotmail - problems?

I use Hotmail even before it was bought by Microsoft. And I'm very satisfied with it.
Now I can use it in Firefox and Safari with almost the same characteristics as from Internet Explorer and we have more storage space to enjoy.
But today I had a unique problem that I hope will be solved fast:

"Windows Live Hotmail couldn't send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later".
I'm posting this message with the hope that some guy from Microsoft would check it... and take it to the right hands. I think it is a critical problem to solve.