Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Live Hotmail: annoying ads

How annoying!
I think the Windows Live team is not really taking care on the quality of the advertisement they allow people to publish.
For the past few days I cant resist checking my Hotmail because of the hyper flashy annoying banners they are using.
If that continues... I will not using that service anymore!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Embed videos in SharePoint

Do you need to embed videos within your SharePoint Site?
Well, I'm proud to day that Boris, B4Contact's SharePoint Guru, made it possible. (I mentioned that before)
But this time he achieved something special: A very involved SharePoint guy.. noticed it and he prepared a full video dedicated to him:

Video: Extended Rich Text Editor for SharePoint

Visit Boris Blog.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Microsoft's new experiment: new Windows code name Mojave

I think it is interesting to see how Microsoft is managing a new strategy to clean the face of Windows Vista. What do you think about Mojave experiment?
Click here to learn about it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mobile Me Status

Perfect! finally Apple made a good move in order to solve the problem of communicating with affected customers regarding the issues with their MobileMe service. They have opened a Blog.
Click here to check it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More about SEO

I found an interesting post about SEO or Search Engine Optimization tools.
Click here to check it. All the tools are free, web based and usefull!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apple offers 30 days free to"some" MobileMe customers

If you are interested please visit this report on
Some of you might get lucky!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mobileme: Solving problems part 1 (for mac)

Apple's new service named "MobileMe" it is a really interesting bet on the online market.

Since its lunch there are many users experiencing problems of many different kind, including me.
First of all, I think the problem is caused because of the huge traffic the Apple servers are facing, more than 1 million new iPhones sold in a weekend! plus all users like you and me trying to evaluate the free trial of MobileMe.

Problem 1: No contacts on the

After setting up my account and configuring my computer (Mac) I wanted to see if my contacts were on the online version of my address book. They weren't!
The solution is:
(Please be sure to have a backup of your contacts, otherwise if you make the wrong click you could delete them!)
Go to your Mac's system preferences; Select the "mobileme" icon; click on the "sync" tab; click on the "advanced" button; click on "reset sync data..." button; Select the correct arrow, the one pointing to the right side means that will replace all the contents on Mobileme with the contents on your Mac (if your Mobileme Contact list is empty and then you replace the contents on your Mac with the contents on your mobileMe then... your data will be deleted!); in the section "Replace" select the "contacts" icon; click the "replace" button and then check your MobileMe Contact page... all your contacts will be there!

Problem 2: I can't see my calendar items

Even it took some time for my calendars to appear on the site they arrived... The problem is that I could not find my events there. So I made an event from the Web interface and in a few seconds it appeared on my Mac's iCal, but on the wrong hour! Why?
Well it looks like the time zone is not being transfered. I just changed the time zone from the Web interface... and the problem is fixed.

Check the "preferences..." option; Go to the "Advanced" section; Select the correct time zone.

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 in Houston

It was a great event! I had the chance of meeting very important persons, very interesting and clever people and definitively I'm now home with a backpack full of new things to think about.
There is a lot of information useful for Microsoft partners and I will try to update the conclusions and thoughts on a new Blog. Click here to visit it and see some of the pictures.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

101 Photoshop tips for Mac and PC

One of the best ways to use video to spread knowledge and experience!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 A new service to help small organizations!

Wouldn't be great to have Hotmail working with a custom domain?
Well definitively many small organizations would benefit from it. And yes now it is possible! You can do it yourself or you can request help for the setup.
There are many SMBs that would like someone to setup the service for them, instead of managing DNS records, IP numbers and domains. You can find the service available in
As you may know Windows Live Servcies are free and one of the most powerful and useful of them is Windows Live Hotmail, previously named MSN Hotmail. It includes 5GB of storage space, antispam, antivirus and Outlook like functionality. You can drag and drop elements from your Inbox to any other folder and even send meeting requests.
Windows Live Hotmail is integrated with Windows Live Calendar. A great mix of services!
There are some videos available for you to see some great features: click here.

SharePoint Simple CMS 3

If you are editing your Web site, you can make mistakes. Deleting contents is something that worries the most. Check this video to learn how to solve that problem for your SharePoint Simple CMS site:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video 2: SharePoint Simple CMS

The power of having a Web Site ready in a couple of minutes is something the SharePoint Simple CMS knows to do. It is a good sample of using SharePoint technologies to make our work easier.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Video 1: SharePoint Simple CMS

The SharePoint Simple CMS is a new product developed to enhance Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server web sites. It is a CMS because it helps users to edit their contents.
How can you use it? Well there are many ways...

  1. It lets you to have the Web design that you wish.
  2. It lets you use Web design templates:
  3. Can be used within enterprises as departmental web sites or even internal Blogs or even team collaboration sites. The difference is that this sites look great!
  4. For SMB or SME this is the right solution for easy to edit, browser editable, rights managed Web sites.
  5. For Schools... there is a special template designed for schools.
  6. Are you applying to Grants or Tenders? this can be a great way of having a site for your project.
It is not expensive.
Would you like to develop on top of SharePoint Simple CMS? just contact me.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Yes, the Web is a place for inspiration... I like that business:


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

From Yahoo side:

I think that makes more clear some of the concepts that rules on companies like Yahoo!
I hope Microsoft will take advantage of the experience and I hope that Yahoo! will reinvent itself. I'm personally convinced that both of them independently can and should fight stronger with Google.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Simple CMS for Windows SharePoint Services

Thanks Mike for your video!Working with Heather and the team at Pixelmill is a great experience. We are sure that more great work will come out of that cooperation.Overview of new simpleCMS templates for WSS from for more info see

Video: Simple CMS for Windows SharePoint Services

read more | digg story

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Problems opening and editing Excel files from SharePoint? (Windows Vista?)

When using Windows Vista there is a special annoyance when working with files stored on a SharePoint 3 document library. I just lost one hour finding a solution and I would like to share it with all of you cursing Windows Vista.

The symptom is: all the files are opened in "read only" mode, therefore is not possible to edit the files and saving them on the same document. Excel pushes you to save it locally, and that is certainly terrible because then you have to upload the files to the SharePoint complicating the work and of course multiplying the chances of overwriting the wrong version of the same document.

What you need to do is to "Check out" the document. Then you can work as you did with Windows XP.
Then there are some other interesting ways of working with that system of checking in out. But that will be covered in a future post.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Simple CMS for SharePoint

Definitively Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is one of the most powerful web collaboration tools available. It is so easy to edit that many dreamed to have it for editing their company web sites.
Out of the box WSS looks a bit boring and that's why many opted for other kind of solutions for web sites:

Pixelmill just announced the SharePoint Simple CMS, and that is actually the solution to the boring look of WSS plus some enhancements in the editing capabilities. Pixelmill's great graphic design templates are now editable! and with a SharePoint hosting service you could have your web site running in minutes (depending on the service).

B4Contact, the company I work for, developed the SharePoint Simple CMS in cooperation with Pixelmill. Boris Gomiunik is responsible for the development of SharePoint Simple CMS and he is serious about WSS as you could see on his Blog.

Here some samples of web sites working with the SharePoint Simple CMS:

You can see more samples in

I personally think this will help thousands of organizations and individuals to have a powerful Web site, editable from the same browser and with possibilities of having collaboration intranets or project based web sites. I think Schools and small business will be the most interested.
Some of the characteristics:

  • Editable from the browser
  • RSS feeds enabled
  • Picture gallery integrated with the CMS
  • Different levels of authentication
If you would like to know more contact me or simply visit

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express

After many months from its announcement finally Adobe released a beta version of its online application for managing and editing images: Adobe Photoshop Express.
You will need to create an account no matter if you have an adobe account (very strange... maybe I made a mistake).
The great thing is that it works in Safari, Firefox and IE no matter if you use Windows or Mac based computer.
It also makes easy to upload multiple images at the same time and the editing capabilities are really cool.
By placing the mouse cursor over an uploaded image gives many options (img 1).

Img. 1
The editing options are powerful and very easy to use. In the Img.2 you can see a list of available functions and on the Img. 3 you can see one of the screen that gives you automatic previews of different tint options.

Img 2

Img. 3

Monday, March 03, 2008

The 99 pound Laptop

Monday, February 11, 2008

My comments about the Yahoo and Microsoft situation

Do you think Microsoft and Yahoo will hear our opinions about their "business"?

I think that they would if many of us would talk about it. So I dared to publish my comments and advise to each company about that interesting transaction.
Click here to read the article.

sneak peak:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Online conferencing: Adobe Brio

I've been using Adobe Brio for a few weeks now. According to Adobe this is the definition of the service: "Brio is a web meeting service designed for small collaborative meetings for individual professionals and small businesses. With Brio, you can instantly communicate and collaborate through an easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting room.".
I find it very good! even it is only for 3 participants at a time for small business it is rare to have more persons in one conference.

Brio is the code name for the next generation of "Adobe Acrobat Connect", it is 100% usable in a Web Browser and no matter if you use a PC a Mac or a Linux computer. Brio works with Adobe Flash 9 (free download). You can Enter to a Brio conference room like a guest or like the host. Guests doesn't need to create an Adobe account.

Brio lets you share documents and make them available for download to all participants. That means that you could be uploading documents before the meeting starts in order to share important information for the guests. During the conference it is also possible to upload documents.

Within the Brio environment you will find many tools, they are called "pods". One of them that is very cool, even I didn't use it in any of the past meetings, is the "whiteboard". It lets you draw basic shapes, write texts and format the elements with different colors. When someone draws something the rest of the participants will see the drawings on their screens as well.

One of the most interesting characteristics of Brio is the possibility of sharing your computer screen. That is just great! works perfect and it is certainly the ideal tool for showing persons how to perform tasks with their computers, like a customer support tool. The great thing is that it works no matter wich OS you are working with. I could see my friend's screen (Windows Vista) while I was on a Mac.

"Shared notes" is one of the less cool "pods" but certainly is the most useful. Any participant can add notes and that is really helpful to have a resume of the meeting. Then you just need to copy the text and send it by email to the participants to not forget the agreements and conclusions.

Brio is integrated with a telephone conferencing system. It is free for the countries that are listed. In my case, Slovenia is not listed but that is not a problem because using Skype I could call to the free telephone number for United States and I had to pay nothing!

There are many more interesting things about Brio that you should check. You can use a web cam and use a chat room as well.

Don't forget that the documents, notes and drawings will be erased automatically after exiting the conference. At this moment you can't store the files or save the meeting configuration for later use. Remember that Brio is a free service in Beta version. But certainly covers my expectations.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Message from an Apple representative about iPod touch upgrade:"...This software upgrade is available only where the iTunes Store is available..."

So it looks like there is nothing to do. The upgrade for iPod Touch is not available at this moment for people like me. So all of us that bought the iPod Touch in the past few days or weeks with the hope of more software within it... we are fried.
The e-mail message is:

"Dear Jose Antonio,

Thank you for inquiring about the new iPod touch software upgrade that adds the Mail, Stocks, Maps, Weather, and Notes applications to iPod touch.

This software upgrade is available only where the iTunes Store is available. Unfortunately, we currently do not have an iTunes Store in your country, so you will not be able to take advantage of this software upgrade.

Although I cannot comment on future expansion plans of the iTunes Store, please rest assured that we are committed to bringing the iTunes Store to people around the world.

Thank you for your interest in the iTunes Store and iPod touch. Apple appreciates your business.


iTunes Store Customer Support"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

iPod Touch upgrade

As many of you know, Apple released today a great update to the iPod Touch. It makes the gadget useful in my opinion. Before that is just an beautiful ipod with a under-used screen and interface. Now... it makes sense.

For owners of iPod Touch: bad news! you need to buy the software upgrade. That sounds to me strange. But for users of iPod Touch residents on any country that is not included in the "allowed" list for creating accounts in the iTunes store... they are fried! because you can't but the upgrade. I live in Slovenia, I bought the iPod Touch in a local authorized reseller, and I can't create an account in iTunes, therefore I can't upgrade. Let's hope that Apple will fix that mistake!

For any new iPod Touch: good news! your gadget will be loaded with the software. Just double check on your local retail store... otherwise you will be pushed to pay 20 dollars.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New from Apple: A new server and a new powerful workstation

Apple unleashes new Xserve and new Mac Pro.
2 very powerful choices going to fight with PC manufacturers like HP and Dell. Why?
Apple is known for making good machines for people working on multimedia and design. And it looks like they don't want to forget that space of the market and let it to their competition. That goes for the Mac Pro.
Xserve is making a change: unlimited user licenses including in the price of the server. That makes me think that Apple is thinking on becoming a good alternative for Web servers. The Mac OS X Server sounds interesting because it tries to compete with Microsoft by including a Calendar server named iCal Server like part of the OS; Microsoft offers that with Exchange Server. They also include Wiki Server like an alternative for Blog and Wiki hosting, something that could become competition to Windows SharePoint Services.
MacWorld starts in one week.

Monday, January 07, 2008

My opinion: The Microsoft Strategy for future

Looks to me like the strategy of Microsoft for the future is in some way like the strategy of Nintendo for the Wii console.

It means that they will not be so worried about the desktop operating system but they will be centered on Windows Live. Why? because it is the best place where to store all your information and at the same time being independent of the hardware you use. You could access your photos, music, documents, emails from a telephone, any computer, etc.

If that is true that means that the next OS from Microsoft will be a very light one and focused on offering security and speed without focusing too much on hardware requirements... like that you could use older computers and enjoy the same. But for enjoying it you will have to have hardware that runs with Microsoft OS. Other OS would also get access but you would probably not enjoy all the benefits. Something like happens today with Hotmail if you open it with Firefox or Opera.

The fact is that all that strategy would work specially well with individuals and students. Within companies the rules are probably going to be different. With hybrid systems: non critical services hosted on the Internet and critical ones hosted internally.

Nintendo thinks to make slow renewals of the Wii console but periodical updates on the software.

Microsoft thinks to make less important and less frequent changes on Windows but more frequent updates on Windows Live services.

Please take this opinion just like what it is, an opinion.