Monday, May 31, 2010

New SharePoint 2010 books

I would like to share with you a set of books I find interesting. You will see that no development books are in this list. Actually this list is a reminder for me... I want them all!

Not so techy...

One of the things I love to make is to work in my garden. I have been out of the town for a couple of weeks because of a SharePoint Conference in Peru. But my garden was guarded by a new automatic system in charge of providing my plants with water while I was away.
The problem is that some bugs, like slugs... took control of the new and predictable wet lands!
The book Trowel and Error helped me to find a solution to that. I made some traps for slugs with beer inside. Now the traps are full of drunk and slimy slugs.
I also removed plants and leaves that were to close to the surface letting air to dry the area.
The main victims where my lettuces.


Mac wireless keyboard and 2 macs

Ok, I made the mistake of pairing my keyboard with 2 Macs. One of them a MacBook.

Once the MacBook was close to the iMac the problem started, I was typing watching the iMac but the text appearing in the MacBook... dangerous because I could be deleting info on other computer!

The solution is to remove the device from one of the computers to avoid the automatic connection.

You need to go to the Mac Preferences, click on the BlueTooth icon and remove the wireless keyboard from one of the computers. If necessary you can pair it again later.