Monday, April 30, 2007

Protect your email from Spam

One of the sources of emails addresses for the spammers is the own Internet. Yes, because many web sites are publishing emails of persons without any kind of protection. That makes very easy for spammers to get valid email accounts. they use some kind of software called spiders; they read the code on the web pages and find all the emails listed there.
There are many ways to protect your web pages from spiders and it is actually very simple. Here you can find my favorite tool.

This will transform your email into a code that spiders can't understand.
After changing that on all the Web sites where your email is published, the link to your email will be correctly displayed. How to find the sites that are showing your email to spamers? Just search on Google for your email address.

That will cut one chance for you to receive spam email. Good luck!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Apple: solution for MacBooks with battery problems

Some weeks ago I had a problem with my battery (MacBook). It was just unable to charge and the computer could not detect a battery on the system. It was just displaying an "x" where normally was the battery icon.
At that moment the solution was to replace the battery. I went to my local Apple store and after some days I received my new battery.
But now Apple released an update that can solve that problem: click here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Share videos, images and web pages

I've found an interesting service for sharing videos, pictures and web pages with your friends and family. Its name is "Share To me".
here a video with a presentation about it:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

EyeJot a service for sending video emails

I'm using a couple of services for sending video emails: Springdoo and EyeJot.

Both are in beta and both have some special characteristics. This time I would like to talk about EjeJot. It works 100% in Flash; that is good because it means that can work on any web browser and operating system.

The video and sound quality is not great but fare. the image is small but big enaugh to not make it difficult to see and of course it is faster than other options. The interface is great and it includes some very interesting functionalities like RSS compatibility. It also has one widget or gadget that helps you to make a video message to publish on your web site or blog.

I will write more about it later:)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


If you are using Flickr for uploading and sharing your pictures probably you would like to know some tools that can present the pictures on a web site. I found one called PictoBrowser. I think is really great! and you can see it here:

Check for much more tools here. I find super interesting this tool for making comics from your pictures!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

PowerPoint in video

The video boom on the internet is really one of the strongest trends I remember from the moment I started using the Internet, maybe I have this feeling because even my company is using videos like a way to express ideas, show information, record events and publish them on our web sites.
Many people will be able to make each time more and better videos and with the help of technologies like Flash (YouTube, Google Video, SoapBox use Flash) the contents will stream fast all around the world and no matter in which device.
In that case a tool that could convert PowerPoint in Flash videos would be more than welcome. Adobe is advertising Ovation for PowerPoint. Give a check on it.
This product is part o the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production premium. You can also check a new software called Adobe Vlog it
It helps to make video blogs.. sound interesting.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flash components: Great charts and pies

Adobe (Macromedia) Flash is definitively the most used multimedia reader on the Internet. It is because it works no matter the browser or operating system.
Because of that to develop contents for web sites and web applications using Flash is a good choice.
For a good time I was looking for flash components that could help me to make graphs and charts from data stored on web sites, intranets or extranets. That is indeed very powerful.
Finally I found the right solution and it is free for personal and research use. The name of the company that produced the components is InfoSoft Global.
The components can interact with databases and other sources of data. For more technical information visit their site. Or check the demo clicking here.

Suggestion for them: make your samples enabled for embedding in Blogs.