Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SharePoint: Review 2009

2009 was a good year for the SharePoint community! with many interesting things happening. Here my overview:

  1. SharePoint Conferences and events. From the cool SharePint to the SharePoint conferences, I think this focused and specialized events are the result of a vibrant community of open minded experts. 2009 opened the door to a new set of opportunities for better events. I have participated organizing the SharePoint Conference in Slovenia and I have in plans to participate in as many conferences and events during the 2010! The experience here was great!
  2. SharePoint Community. Somehow SharePoint became a sample of a global community. Sharepoint professionals from all different kind of backgrounds (Enterprise or SME) and with a wide range of expertise (Web design.... development) came together to transform their careers in a super interesting opportunity for expanding their knowledge and experience by sharing information. Something I can't remember happening with such energy in the past.
  3. SharePoint as an opportunity for all. During 2009 I have heard all kind of cases related to SharePoint. From big organizations using SharePoint as a way to publish information to the Web as small schools or organizations using SharePoint for sharing documents and information privately. From 500$ projects to millions! SharePoint and the huge base of partners are preparing themselves for offering solutions to many different segments of the market.
  4. Global SharePoint. I just came from a trip to Peru and I discovered that the community of SharePoint partners is growing fast! Most Banks are already working with SharePoint and some Ministries as well. South America is present in the community and hungry for expertise.
I believe the 2010 will come with a consolidation of the community and some kind of coordinated set of events. At least that is my wish.

What I'm thinking to do:
  1. Transform the "SharePoint Days" event in an open source model for all the community to use for their events. Do you want to make an event? well SharePoint Days should provide you with all what you need.
  2. Coordinate with all possible SharePoint experts and Sponsors to build a group available for global events. For example: Someone in Asia would like to organize a conference, then he would contact the group and from there easily would get in touch with interested sponsors and speakers.
Of course, feel free to contact me and send me your ideas and comments!
My Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/b4contact
Follow me in Twitter: http://twitter.com/joseamorales

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JQuery library for SharePoint

yesterday was a marathon for SharePoint. It was the opening day of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Twitter was busy busy and one of the interesting posts was about an open source project that makes JQuery friendly with SharePoint, that is great news!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New SharePoint Simple CMS partner: Vortalities

I'm very glad to announce that The SharePoint Simple CMS is welcoming Vortalities, from Belgium as a new partner.

They represent our first partner from Belgium. Click here to see a Map of SharePoint Simple CMS partners.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next videos about SEO and increasing visits to your Blog.

I wanted to make today a new video but I got immersed in the research. But I found good topics for the next few videos:

  1. Google trends
  2. Google insights for Search
  3. Google trends for Web sites
I hope you'll like them. If you have any suggestion feel free to make a comment here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to get money from my Blog using Google Adsense?

I'm in the way to discover the trick and I would like to share with you my first clue.
Analysing the data from my Adsense account (from the past 2 years) I found out that in order to get 70 EUR or 100$ you need to get around 100000 visits. Yap... that's a lot of visits. You can decrease that number if your Blog or Web site talks about something where advertisers pay more per click and if you decrease the number of visitors that come to your site by mistake.
Therefore it is important to understand a couple of things:

  1. Your Blog or Web site should speak about 1 topic. That will make it easier for visitors to find useful your contents and better for Google Adsense to publish relevant Ads. As focused your topic as better.
  2. If you would like to talk about other topics then create as many Blogs or Web sites as topics you have. That will attract more focused audiences, increase the amount of clicks and even if you get 10$ per site if you have 10 sites then you get 100$.
  3. Learn which are the topics that are the most interesting for people around the world. This one is very important and I found a free tool that will help you:

Linking your Blog to your Facebook profile

I think that Facebook is a great way to promote your Blog and that is specially true with the "Notes" functionality. If you don't have a Blog that is a good way to start and let all your contacts know when you write something. If you have already a Blog the Facebook Notes will automatically get all your Blog posts!

If you want to se how please check the following videos: (remember that you can see the videos in full screen mode)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not so techy... but important: Peter Drucker Global Forum in Vienna

The first global Peter Drucker Forum will be in Vienna. This is important for all of you interested in management and leadership.
Elizabeth Edersheim, the author of The Definitive Drucker, will have a speech and here is an abstract about it: click here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Partner Program for SharePoint Simple CMS

I just finished making a short video about what the SharePoint Simple CMS provides to partners. I hope it is easy to understand.. my English is far from perfect :)

SharePoint Simple CMS Partnership Program from Jose Antonio Morales on Vimeo.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Steve Smith : Scalling out a SharePoint farm and configuring network load balancing on the web servers

Steve Smith full video session during the SharePoint Conference in Slovenia (2008).
A great session every SharePoint Pro needs to see!

Scalling out a SharePoint farm and configuring network load balancing on the web servers from Matjaz Korenjak on Vimeo.

Visit Steve's Web site at: http://www.combined-knowledge.com/

Thursday, October 01, 2009

How to create users in Windows 2003, the easy way

If you use Windows Server 2008 and you need to create users in your Active Directory there is a good way to do it.

  • You will need to use MS Excel for creating the command line to create your users.
  • You will need to have administrative rights for the server where you wish to create the users on.
The normal is to get the name of the user and the email. It is ideal to get all the rest automatically.

Your Excel file should start like that:

How to separate a name from a lastname in Excel and divide them in 2 columns?

The first problem is that you might want to separate the Name from the Lastname in order to have a better DB or just to make a mail merge for a future email notifying with the new username and password. The formula (Office 2007) should be like that:

To retrieve the lastname the formula would be like that:

Then you can use any other formula or algorithm to generate the passwords. After you have that information you need the column that will generate the command line:

Of course the formula considers the names of the columns as I created them but you can modify that. The formula is not so visible on the image so here you have it: ="net user"&" "&Table1[[#This Row];[Username]]&" "&Table1[[#This Row];[Password]]&" /add /domain"

Then you will see how Excel magically transforms the information you have (emails and names) in the full command line you need for creating your users using the command prompt.

The last advise is to copy and pasthe the all the column, excluding the name of the column, in a TXT file to avoid problems of formatting. Now you can rename the the TXT file into a BAT file. The file should be moved to the server and executed, all the users would get instantly created.

Professional Web site templates

I normally use Google reader for receiving RSS updates of what is interesting on the Web. Yesterday I found a Web site that offers many kinds of templates for Web sites. They aren't free but they are very affordable, in most of the cases the PSD file is included in the price and that gives the chance to make modifications on the template directly from PhotoShop.

I personally like very much the WordPress themes. (Click on the image to visit the site)

If you are looking for a hosting provider feel free to contact me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Share backups of SharePoint SItes with your customers?

We are runing periodical backups using STSADM.exe. To do it we use a batch file that incldues all the instructions we need to: run the backup and specify the storage location.
The backups we use are "name.dat" and that extension is not supported by default by IIS. That means that a user would not be able to download it.

Why would I need a user to download the .dat file? Because that user is a customer and providing them with a copy of her/his site backup is a good way to decrease risk in case of emergency.

The first idea would be to share within his own SharePoint site a folder where to store the backups. But that is not a good idea because otherwise the next backup will make a backup of the site plus all the backup files inside... and end with a huge file size. It would also overcrowd the SQL Server unnecessarily.

My second idea is I think better, I made an IIS Web site, without SharePoint, and created all the folders (virtual directories from IIS) needed for each one of my customers to have a URL, something like backup.xxx.com/customer/ I made the right permissions of course so only their administrator could access that. Wel having tens of customers is a problem for permissions... (maybe there is a good way to automate the process).

The customer folders are set to let "browse" and "read". That makes the files within the folder visible and downloadable. Now the problem is that IIS does not support ".dat" files by default for security reasons. What you need to do to solve the problem is to create a MIME type:

Associated Extension: .dat
Content Type(MIME): application/octet-stream
Check the instructions.

Now we have a new service to include in our hosting service!

Monday, August 10, 2009

SharePoint Simple CMS Partners in the World

View B4Contact and SharePoint Simple CMS Partners in a larger map

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

First list of speakers for SharePoint Conference in Slovenia

I'm happy to share with you the first list of SharePoint experts that will speak on the Slovenian SharePoint Conference that will take place on November 27:

Claudio Brotto, MVP, Italy
Zlatan Džinič, MVP, South Africa
Toni Frankola, Croatia
Michael Gannotti, US
Daniel McPherson, Netherlands
Agnes Molnar, MVP, Hungary
Sarju Raja, US
Steve Smith, MVP, UK
Andrew Woodward, MVP, UK

Feel free to join the FaceBook group of the conference by clicking here.
Or visit the conference's Web site: www.sharepointconference.si

Friday, July 10, 2009

MS Word and problems formatting merged data

I have developed a simple template in Word 2007 that reads information for invoices from a MS Acess Data Base. It is very cool because using Word's mail merge functionality I can print invoices easily.

The system has 3 parts:

  1. A Windows SharePoint Services intranet. There we include all the new orders from customers into a list called "invoices", that list is related to another one named "Accounts" that provides the name and details about customers.

  2. A MS Access DB merges both SharePoint lists and filters all what has been invoiced in the past.

  3. A MS Office Word document template that receives the processed information from Access and create the invoices.

The problem is that Word does not formatt the information correctly. For example the amounts that are formatted as "currency" doesn't display the currency symbol; or the dates are displayed in american formatting (month/day/year). So how to change it?

There is something called "switches". Click here to find all of them.

So, once you know which kind of switch you need to use, yo will need to do the following:

  1. Select the merged field

  2. on your keyboard press "Shift+F9" and you will see that the field changes

  3. Add the switch

  4. "Shift+F9" again

  5. Right click on the merged field and select "Update field"

Thursday, July 09, 2009

PALM and Adobe

Once I have sent an email message to Palm, that was many years ago, sending them some sincere and constructive feedback. I said to them, between other things, that competing with Microsoft was to get into the rat's race where many finished bad. And the arrogant answer I received was: "We are sorry but Palm does not accept feedback from outside the company". Years later and with problems piled up I'm sure Palm is not arrogant as before. Now they need ideas and success. If they achieved it, better for all of us.

The World of operating systems is getting close to a very interesting moment.
Palm introduced the WebOS, Google is talking about a Chrome OS, Microsoft is not talking about a secret project called Midori.

In the meantime Adobe is creating really cool and innovative Web applications destined to be even better while all the others are trying to get the media on their side. I'm talking about Acrobat.com.
Apple is doing well but not perfectly well. The update to OSX 10.5.7 is still painful for many users. And it is coming to the common sense that a never crashing OS is more a myth than anything else. Apple failed with MobileMe, even now is getting much better.
Linux is also getting a good share of attention, the latest version of Ubuntu is really good!

So what is there for you? well, Microsoft tends to make good products when is under pressure. When they thought they are invincible they forgot about Internet Explorer, released Windows Vista and made a mess of Live services. And I think Microsoft wasn't so vulnerable in years! and I think that is not over.
Eachone of us will like more to experiment and try different OS. We will be able to do that easier than ever.
Competition will be fierce and I believe will be needed for contestants to be stronger.

Why not Adobe and Palm as a team? I think that would be a good mix. Adobe has the Web apps and Palm the OS. They don't need to run the same rat's race. Just to work together to get a nice WebOS into a beautiful and very functional productivity platform. I think that PALM needs to expand the concept of their business and the opportunity is that lightweight computers are becoming popular. PALM introduced in the past the idea of a Phone companion and after that unsuccessful initiative many things changed: more Web oriented phones, Netbooks, cravings about a Mac tablet computer. That makes me think that the World is now ready for notebooks and desktop computers that run the same OS. Something like the iPhone, but including desktop and mobiles apps. For example:
  • I would be happy to install a Word processor in my notebook and have it automatically available in my phone and other computers.
  • I would like to install a game on my phone and being able to play it in my notebook.
Adobe and Palm could do it.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Effective communication and the IT PRO

Have you went trough the problem of being too techie for the rest of the organization? So far that your ideas are underestimated?

Many IT pros share that frustration. Many of us feel like we could provide much more value to the companies where we work but our superiors just can't get it! It is easy to feel like any additional effort is worthless.

I found out that the problem is a communication one. Even we understand how the company works and we know how to fix processes our superiors speak about profit, revenue and cutting costs when we speak about information security, information flows, bandwidth and others.

We are not speaking the same language! But we need them to care about our opinions and ideas.

If we want to be capable of growing our influence within the organization we need to achieve others to care about the value we can provide. We need to learn to communicate our ideas in such a way that they "stick". I advise you to give a check on "Made to STick" or to join the Facebook group for the same title.

I have learned that one of the problems is that when we speak we start from the point our experience and knowledge is. That means that we forget when we didn't know what we know now and that becomes a principal barrier. In the other side the one listening also understands according to what they know now, not what they knew. So how to make them care? How to achieve effective communication?

Well it is not only about saying stories. It is more to call their curiosity with topics they understand. Comparisons, proverbs and of course a clear sense of value. The book is really cool!

Friday, June 26, 2009

/fyi Newsletter SharePoint Simple CMS

SharePoint and Firefox

Good news! We have achieved to integrate TinyMCE and SharePoint Simple CMS. Soon our partners will be capable to develop good looking SharePoint sites that can be editable in Firefox and Safari.

SharePoint Simple CMS Partnership

Our partnership program provides you with access to all the source code used to develop SharePoint Simple CMS. Then you can use it and resell it as many times as you wish. The partnership subscription is for one year and the investment is 500 EUR.

SharePoint hosting

Are you thinking to host your customers Web sites? We will pay 80 EUR per each new customer that you bring to our hosting service. If you are interested to participate please drop me a line.

SharePoint Conference

The Slovenian SharePoint conference is set to the end of November. If you are interested in participating as an attendee, speaker or sponsor please visit: www.sharepointconference.si

Please feel free to contact me:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/joseamorales

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/b4contact

FaceBook group for SharePoint Simple CMS: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10403763463

Wishing you a good weekend,

Jose Antonio Morales

+386 31 680 441

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exchange, MobileMe, iPhone

I'm working with a desktop computer, a notebook and a phone. All of them Apple branded.

I'm experimenting with MobileMe in order to get synchronized all of them.

I also use 2 POP3 email accounts, one of them is Gmail and my most important email is an Exchange Server based mailbox.

One of the most painful experiences lately was the sloppy relationship with Outlook. Now I'm working with iCal.

Wouldn't it be great if I could get all the contacts from Exchange, email accounts, calendars and to do's always up to date no matter where I am or no matter which device I use?

So far MobielMe solved all the problems. I will be writing a more complete report so stay in sync with this Blog!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A message to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve,

There is an interesting opportunity I wanted you to know about. Knowing that you are one of the few readers my Blog keeps I decided to post a message for you.

There is a growing number of Notebooks and desktop computers that are operative and in good condition but using very slow Windows XP operating system.

During the past few weeks I made some experiments and the machines with old processors are working fine with Ubuntu and the pre-release of Windows 7.

Anyway, looks like the way of using those machines have to be as "purpose oriented" computers. Then I will tell you what is needed to make them really useful:
  1. NAS software. Use the machines as a networked hard disk.
  2. Time Machine. Use old computer as backup drive for 1 or multiple PCs.
  3. Web conferencing.
  4. And all the obvious: Web browser, Email, calendar...
  5. Grid computing
Don't you think that having sub versions of an OS for specific purpose is a good idea?
I think that populating the World of old computers with Mac based OS designed for specific functions would be a great thing to do.

The rest I let it to your imagination... just think on Starting the Mac Time Machine OS.

I've heard that you are not as nice as we think and I've heard that when you don't like something (like the Kindle) you just don't use more time to think on that. SO, if you don't like my idea just stop reading and let others like Adobe, Palm or Google to think about.

Wishing you good health and a fast recovery,


Jose Antonio

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Windows 7 with an old notebook

This is an IBM Thinkpad with more than 5 years of life. It was ok for making PowerPoint presentation but for other things and after many many Windows XP upgrades the computer was really a headache!
That kind of Notebook includes many drivers and strange things that were difficult to find in the case of a "cleanup format". Without the original drivers the keyboard would work bad and the wireless would never work fine. Even installing the original drivers would make conflicts with the Windows drivers for netwroking.
I have used the 32 bit version of Windows 7. Here what I found:

  1. Setup was very fast
  2. Options for formatting, deleting, etc the previous system were clear and explanatory.
  3. When the computer finished and restarted for first time the resolution wasn't the correct one (even looked so good that I wasn't sure).
  4. Sound and wireless not working... it was not surprising. Then I connected the network cable to look for the drivers online.. and:
  5. An automatic update got all the drivers!! after a suggested restart the computer was working fully! The special keys on the keyboar all working fine, the volume controls are really good, wireless network offerd no pain.
So add one more line to your list of options for "what to do with my old computers?"

Some notes:
  1. Avast Antivirus (free edition) works well with Windows 7
  2. Lotus Symphony works well with Windows 7

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Windows 7 on VmWare Fusion

How simple is it to install? very simple!

  1. Download Windows 7 (it is a big download so better make it at night, when you will wake up it will be there waiting for you).
  2. Add a new virtual machine from your VmWare fusion.
  3. Select Windows Server 2008 (Windows 7 is still not a supported OS for VmWare Fusion).
  4. Go to Step five at the end of this post :)
First I wanted to show you Windows 7 running on my Mac!

5. Step five: I advise you to see the video instructions:

Friday, June 05, 2009

SharePoint templates until 500MB

You need to use the command:

stsadm.exe -o setproperty -pn max-template-document-size -pv 520000000

With that your SharePoint templates can store until 500MB. By default the templates only resist 10MB.

Information Source

SharePoint Simple CMS and TinyMCE

The SharePoint Simple CMS was born using the same editing controls and capabilities from SharePoint. That is good but not ideal; the problem is that users of FireFox or Safari could not get access to rich text editing... they were pushed to work with Internet Explorer.
We have managed to integrate the SharePoint Simple CMS with TinyMCE.
That is great news because it means that soon we will be able to release templates that can work perfectly with many browsers. We still have some work to do with some weird behavior... but we are getting very close to a final solution!

This is a screenshot from FireFox for Mac. The Web site is a development project with our customer Doculabs:

Now it is even possible to edit existing links, image properties... etc :)

SBSC PAL for CEE Region

I'm very happy to announce that for third consecutive year Microsoft renewed my status of Partner Area Lead for the central and eastern region of Europe. Now we are 2 PALs in Slovenia.
If you don't know what the SBSC PAL is you can visit this Web site. There you can find who is the PAL for your region.
If you are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and you would like to know more about what the program can offer you please contact me. If you have doubts or suggestions about the SBSC program and you would like me to take it directly to Microsoft I would love to help.

The World in 2009 and SharePoint Simple CMS

As you can see in the image there is a special note about an event that will take place in Slovenia. It is the international World Ploughing competition: www.worldploughing.si
The reason why I'm shwowing this Web site is because is an important site hosted by us and developed by us.
When a visitor to the site wants to register to the event then they can use the registration system. It will notify each person responsible for any different part of that process, from information verification to billing and logistics.
How to make the site? the same know how from SharePoint Simple CMS. Really cool!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The strategy on the back of SharePoint Simple CMS (Part 2)

What we are learning is that the technological part matters mostly to us, I mean to B4Contact. Many of our customers doesn't really care on it.

Said that, we had to question ourselves who else cares about the technology. Of course the answer is obvious: the IT professional. Are they our target? well, yes. But no our principal target. Staying in touch with IT pros is very healthy for us and helps us to understand the industry trends. Some of them become our partners and participate on the development of Web sites based on SharePoint Simple CMS. That is good!

Now it is even more relevant because we are adding importance on the concept of developing with partners. We see much more innovation that way. B4Contact will generate ideas and concepts. Our partners will filter the ideas and transform some of them into usable functionality. That means that they aren't a main "sales target" but they are part of our long term strategy.

B4Contact is the organizer of the Slovenian SharePoint Conference and that helps us to get in touch with SharePoint MVPs and the Slovenian community of SharePoint administrators and developers. The past year was a success! and we plan to get more success this year. The event will take place sometime in November.

For concluding I can say that partnership is essential for SharePoint Simple CMS in the future. Currently we have 5 partners from US and EU. We will work hard during this year to get more!

The strategy on the back of SharePoint Simple CMS (Part 1)

When I'm talking about the SharePoint Simple CMS something that captures the attention is how we defined our product.

In this article I will also publish information about what we are finding out and what are we planning to do with our product.

  1. Trying to modify the out of the Box Sharepoint is senseless. At least from the perspective of adopting new future versions of SharePoint. Any deep modification on the current SharePoint would be expensive when a migration to a new version would take place.
  2. SharePoint by itself presents many limitations when thinking on Web design. Isn't it better to start with a blank canvas? Masterpages are synonym of freedom!
  3. Many users doesn't care if they use SharePoint or whatever else... the important thing is that can be "used" and serves its purpose. That means that the interface is important.
Then we thought: "We need to make an easy to use CMS that limits advanced functionality to editors, that can look great and be compliant with standards, that doesn't touch any our of the box SharePoint page and of course that uses independent custom master pages". Therefore we made the SharePoint Simple CMS.

It is great because it lets users to have good looking public facing Web sites and edit them with ease. The SharePoint Simple CMS is delivered as a STP file and it is compatible with WSS and MOSS. Having a STP file out f a Web site is great! because you can create as many sites as you wish using that template.

After a year we havediscovered some things that need to be improved:
  1. The code should be simplified and optimized.
  2. We should include more code on the "server side" instead of the "Client side".
  3. We need to include more capabilities to customize the layout of the pages.
So.. how are we thinking to cover the challenges? we are building a community of partners that can use SharePoint Simple CMS and build solutions on top of it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Day. Earth Day, Earth DAY!!!!

Dear Martians, today all the planet earth is celebrating something we call "the earth hour". It is a way we use to communicate from one side of the planet until the other without using electric energy. It is a way to unify our humanity and agree that we love the planet Earth. It is a way we use in our planetarian referendum to vote for a healthy planet Earth.

You, Martians, and all kind of intelligent life around us, take the chance to learn! We, in the planet Earth, care about our future. We care on the place where we live. We choose life and progress. We celebrate evolution.

You can visit http://www.earthhour.org/ to find out how we celebrate!

Martians... don't feel bad! some day your planet and martianity will arrive to the same point of evolution. It is just matter of time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The kind of creativity I love!

I love when simple ideas are transformed in something that can change the way we think.

I'm in the World of ITC and I tend to think that all is around the Internet... that innovation should come out of the Internet..etc.
But the following video will show you a clear way of innovation: It is useful, doesn't spend energy to let it working, it amazes people, it is simple...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is available for download

To download IE 8 click here.

Why to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?

There was a time when Microsoft Internet Explorer was almost the only browser. At that time, it was very Microsoft oriented and developed to work better with other Microsoft applications, like Office, and also not so respectful to Web standards.

Now the situation is different and the Web is coming to an adolescence where Microsoft is not the lonely important player in the "browser wars". That means that Internet Explorer 8 is the most standards oriented browser released by Microsoft at this time. That is the main reason to change your IE 6 or 7 to the new one.

IE8 Web site offers many details and videos about new features.
if interested on knowing what people says about IE8 in Twitter follow the link: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=IE8

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free AOL antivirus.. not anymore

I have been using the free Anti virus that AOL offered to all users of their services. Some weeks ago I have discovered that the anti virus was not working anymore. The reason? McAfee and AOL are no longer supporting the service.
So I switched to a very good free anti virus software AVG.
The great thing is that now I know why my notebook was sooo slow! McAfee was the reason. And some time I was advising to use McAfee instead of Norton because Norton was a machine killer! Let's hope AVG will continue being light and fast. Give a try!

SharePoint Hosting

I have been evaluating many different SharePoint hosting services and I got nothing new out of their service.
I think hosting can be a great thing for independent professionals trying to find an additional way to get some extra cash. Because of that B4Contact, where I work, will be creating very soon an affiliate network that will pay from 50 to 80 EUR per sold hosting agreement.
Our hosting service will be offering very special "value" that I will not talk about today... but I'm sure will make a difference.
If you have some ideas, questions or even you are interested to participate in the affiliate program feel free to let me know.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another great Web service... it is called AddThis

That's right... if you want to "Add this" button (shown above) then you just need to visit their Web Site. But why is this service more interesting than other I know? because it offers you the chance to have statistics; it is free and very easy to setup on your Blog or Web site.

I'm trying to get in touch with them in order to coordinate some kind of Web part for SharePoint! I'm sure that would be a great thing!

DNS hosting?

B4Contact is basically a hosting company and because of that DNS is very important for us and specially for our customers.
In order to improve our DNS infrastructure and make some order and methodology I went online to find for alternatives. I found Nettica.
Now I'm one of their customers and I hope they will last for ever!
The online service is really good. We have started a transition of moving and optimizing our DNS records to their service and that will help our customers outside of Slovenia to get a faster answer when looking for Web sites hosted within our infrastructure.
Things I like from their service:

  1. The service helps you to avoid mistakes.
  2. The online store lets you pay for the service and in a few seconds you are ready to use it.
  3. The service includes an API, so that would help if thinking to complement with further development... for example if you wish to add the domain registration to the hosting plan.
  4. No problem if you have many many domains.
So far so good. Nettica is now part of out long term strategy.
If you would like to know more about our hosting services please feel free to contact me.

Good causes and Social Networking

I have created a couple of days ago a Facebook group that intends to place Slovenia, the country where I live, in the map of countries supporting the Earth Hour project.
Until now I have 19 members registered and I plan to make really something with it! I truly hope the social networking technology will allow me and the members of the group to capture some real attention. Increase awareness about the needs of our beloved planet.
I will keep you up to date with the results.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you asking yourself about how to share your contents?

Well I'm sure you saw on many Web sites that button that helps you add or share information from the Web to you FaceBook or Twitter account. Sure.. also on Digg, and all that social media.

If you are asking yourself how to make it... I found an answer: http://www.addthis.com/

Sunday, March 08, 2009

What to do with your old PCs?

(Originally posted on my FaceBook profile)

Well I went from many useful places to not very useful ones, so I would like to make a short resume of a good techno Sunday. The question was: what to do with my old PCs?

  1. My old Presario 700 came to life with Kubuntu http://www.kubuntu.org/. Runs fast after learning some basics. It will be loaded with educational games from http://gcompris.net/ and after a few small work will be owned by Marko and Andre.
  2. I have some old desktop PCs that are working perfect. They might need a bit of RAM, cleanup and I will transform them in a NAS http://www.freenas.org/ or network attached storage. Useful for... backups. That free server includes an OS, and includes advanced capabilities as software raid. The backups will be for home and office.
  3. Grid computing tool BOINC works for joining the processing power of many computers connected to a network. You can create or participate on a volunteer computing project like SETI@Home or http://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php You can help a lot by facilitating computing power for research.
  4. For more powerful but unused computers... I think installing a Linux based Web server makes a lot of sense. I just neet to learn more about that.
I have in mind the idea for receiving old computers but in good shape, configure them and donate them to schools or kindergartens. I just need more people interested in helping me to realize it... we will see.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aviary, free vector based image editor

This is a Browser based tool that helps to create vectors directly from the browser. Very interesting. Click here to visit them.

I advise you to check first the popular creations section so you will understand the power of the tool.