Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Day. Earth Day, Earth DAY!!!!

Dear Martians, today all the planet earth is celebrating something we call "the earth hour". It is a way we use to communicate from one side of the planet until the other without using electric energy. It is a way to unify our humanity and agree that we love the planet Earth. It is a way we use in our planetarian referendum to vote for a healthy planet Earth.

You, Martians, and all kind of intelligent life around us, take the chance to learn! We, in the planet Earth, care about our future. We care on the place where we live. We choose life and progress. We celebrate evolution.

You can visit to find out how we celebrate!

Martians... don't feel bad! some day your planet and martianity will arrive to the same point of evolution. It is just matter of time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The kind of creativity I love!

I love when simple ideas are transformed in something that can change the way we think.

I'm in the World of ITC and I tend to think that all is around the Internet... that innovation should come out of the Internet..etc.
But the following video will show you a clear way of innovation: It is useful, doesn't spend energy to let it working, it amazes people, it is simple...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is available for download

To download IE 8 click here.

Why to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?

There was a time when Microsoft Internet Explorer was almost the only browser. At that time, it was very Microsoft oriented and developed to work better with other Microsoft applications, like Office, and also not so respectful to Web standards.

Now the situation is different and the Web is coming to an adolescence where Microsoft is not the lonely important player in the "browser wars". That means that Internet Explorer 8 is the most standards oriented browser released by Microsoft at this time. That is the main reason to change your IE 6 or 7 to the new one.

IE8 Web site offers many details and videos about new features.
if interested on knowing what people says about IE8 in Twitter follow the link:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free AOL antivirus.. not anymore

I have been using the free Anti virus that AOL offered to all users of their services. Some weeks ago I have discovered that the anti virus was not working anymore. The reason? McAfee and AOL are no longer supporting the service.
So I switched to a very good free anti virus software AVG.
The great thing is that now I know why my notebook was sooo slow! McAfee was the reason. And some time I was advising to use McAfee instead of Norton because Norton was a machine killer! Let's hope AVG will continue being light and fast. Give a try!

SharePoint Hosting

I have been evaluating many different SharePoint hosting services and I got nothing new out of their service.
I think hosting can be a great thing for independent professionals trying to find an additional way to get some extra cash. Because of that B4Contact, where I work, will be creating very soon an affiliate network that will pay from 50 to 80 EUR per sold hosting agreement.
Our hosting service will be offering very special "value" that I will not talk about today... but I'm sure will make a difference.
If you have some ideas, questions or even you are interested to participate in the affiliate program feel free to let me know.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another great Web service... it is called AddThis

That's right... if you want to "Add this" button (shown above) then you just need to visit their Web Site. But why is this service more interesting than other I know? because it offers you the chance to have statistics; it is free and very easy to setup on your Blog or Web site.

I'm trying to get in touch with them in order to coordinate some kind of Web part for SharePoint! I'm sure that would be a great thing!

DNS hosting?

B4Contact is basically a hosting company and because of that DNS is very important for us and specially for our customers.
In order to improve our DNS infrastructure and make some order and methodology I went online to find for alternatives. I found Nettica.
Now I'm one of their customers and I hope they will last for ever!
The online service is really good. We have started a transition of moving and optimizing our DNS records to their service and that will help our customers outside of Slovenia to get a faster answer when looking for Web sites hosted within our infrastructure.
Things I like from their service:

  1. The service helps you to avoid mistakes.
  2. The online store lets you pay for the service and in a few seconds you are ready to use it.
  3. The service includes an API, so that would help if thinking to complement with further development... for example if you wish to add the domain registration to the hosting plan.
  4. No problem if you have many many domains.
So far so good. Nettica is now part of out long term strategy.
If you would like to know more about our hosting services please feel free to contact me.

Good causes and Social Networking

I have created a couple of days ago a Facebook group that intends to place Slovenia, the country where I live, in the map of countries supporting the Earth Hour project.
Until now I have 19 members registered and I plan to make really something with it! I truly hope the social networking technology will allow me and the members of the group to capture some real attention. Increase awareness about the needs of our beloved planet.
I will keep you up to date with the results.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you asking yourself about how to share your contents?

Well I'm sure you saw on many Web sites that button that helps you add or share information from the Web to you FaceBook or Twitter account. Sure.. also on Digg, and all that social media.

If you are asking yourself how to make it... I found an answer:

Sunday, March 08, 2009

What to do with your old PCs?

(Originally posted on my FaceBook profile)

Well I went from many useful places to not very useful ones, so I would like to make a short resume of a good techno Sunday. The question was: what to do with my old PCs?

  1. My old Presario 700 came to life with Kubuntu Runs fast after learning some basics. It will be loaded with educational games from and after a few small work will be owned by Marko and Andre.
  2. I have some old desktop PCs that are working perfect. They might need a bit of RAM, cleanup and I will transform them in a NAS or network attached storage. Useful for... backups. That free server includes an OS, and includes advanced capabilities as software raid. The backups will be for home and office.
  3. Grid computing tool BOINC works for joining the processing power of many computers connected to a network. You can create or participate on a volunteer computing project like SETI@Home or You can help a lot by facilitating computing power for research.
  4. For more powerful but unused computers... I think installing a Linux based Web server makes a lot of sense. I just neet to learn more about that.
I have in mind the idea for receiving old computers but in good shape, configure them and donate them to schools or kindergartens. I just need more people interested in helping me to realize it... we will see.