Monday, October 30, 2006

A new place where to host your videos... And get some money!

The video hosting services are blooming! After Google great business with YouTube... Some persons started questioning the business... Why? Because YouTube would not get any money if it was not because of their user's videos. So why the users are not receiving part of that money?
I personally think that the reason why they are not receiving money is because they are using a service and not paying for it. But anyway, if the market is creating more options I think this is just great and better! So if you think you could receive some money for your videos then there is a great new place and it is called REVVER:
I found an interesting article in that willmake easier to understand the topic. Click here

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Backup services online

Some days ago I wrote a post about Xdrive. The interface is great and 5GB is really a lot!
But I want to give some other services that can be useful for you or your small business:

1. : iBackup.
2. : iStorage.
3. : Connected

Most of them offer possibilities for automating backups schedules and possibilities to add users with different permissions. That is a great thing if you wish to share documents, pictures or even videos with your friends or customers.

Friday, October 27, 2006

RSS and IE7

Check this small file I made regarding the RSS functions of Internet Explorer 7. It is very easy to use!
Feel free to print the document.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How to make your web site to be RSS Autodiscoverable?

We just started a new era for our web site. We started a Blog where we will add some comments about special video tips published on the portal. The Blog is giving us then the chance to have an RSS feed and even comments from the readers.
Just a few days ago the Internet Explorer 7 was released like a free download and that means that millions of persons will use it. It means they will have access to its RSS reader capabilities. So that is super important.
The problem was that the IE7 was not discovering automatically that our web site has RSS Feeds! the solution is simple, it is just needed to add one line of HTML code. I found the solution in:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to show the Menu bar in the new IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)

I said something like that in a previous post but I wanted to be more clear because I think it can be really useful.
The IE7 looks like that:

If you press the key "Alt" you will see the menu like that:

MacBook Pro now with Intel Duo

Apple is coming each time with better HW, powerful models and better designs. I'm curious to see what HP, Gateway and Dell will offer.
"Apple Computer has revved up its MacBook Pro notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, double the memory and a faster FireWire peripheral connection. "

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Internet Explorer (IE 7) is ready!

The past week I was in an event organized by Microsoft Slovenia where we heard about the new characteristics of the Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista. It was motivating so I decided to download the IE7 in beta. I like it!
ready for download.
The interface is new and it helps to save space on the screen. The normal menu bar is not there anymore! (but if you press the "alt" key you will see it again).

There is a detailed explanation of the new features in

Feel fre to share your experiences with IE7 in this Blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

iPod Video with virus

Apple discovered that video ipods delivered after the 12 of september were shipped with a virus that can affect Windows systems. The virus named RavMonE.exe can be easily removed with any known antivirus.
You can read more in Apple's web site.
You can scann a 90 days free antivirus in

More options for publishing videos online:

Youtube, now in the ownership of Google, Microsoft SoapBox are great services for publishing videos online. Each time I like more the SoapBox... But it is still in a closed beta version.
But today I had the great opportunity to discover a new service! It is named JumpCut.
The difference that JumpCut offers is that it includes the software to make the video files from digital pictures. That is an online version of existing free software (for owners of original windows or new Mac computers) like Microsoft PhotoStory and iPhoto.
But something that not many people is talking about is about the software that makes that possible! The big and great winner here is Adobe or Macromedia Flash! Why? Because it allows all of us to view the videos streaming without any special software. And the 3 services I was talking about... Are using Flash!
I was forgetting... do you know who is in the back of this service? Yahoo!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For my slovenian visitors

Matjaž just opened a new blog. It a great place for any person interested into learn a bit more about Microsoft Office. All can be found in but if you wish to subscribe to the RSS, give comments you can visit the Blog directly! or add the address to your RSS reader:

More about Windows Live Writer

When I'm using the web interface from Blogger to add posts to my Blog I always need many steps. It is very good but now that I'm using the Windows Live writer I can really save time on the process. I don't need to log in, to switch between different pages. And especially it's super fast to switch between my blogs. So I finish with one post and then I go to the next one!

Just check the right left corner of the Windows Live Writer and select where would you like to post your message!

One problem of Windows Live writer is that it is not designed to upload images.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Windows SharePoint Services 3 TR problems

We finished setting up a server with Windows 2003, SQL Server 2005 and WSS 3TR.
I had a lot of problems with it. The first time I had to format the server and setup all again. The second time was working but I found many errors on the Event Viewer.
After checking many blogs I found one place were Ian Morrish answers and solves some of the problems:

Outlook Backup tip

During this weekend I was migrating all the email accounts of my company to a new server. We are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook 2003 for the clients.

The migration was a success! And I would like to share what I made so others could think if that is good or not for them.

We just had to migrate 7 email accounts. So this tip is more for small companies.

  1. I've fully backed up both servers.
  2. One of our domains was used for testing. So first I've tested if the new mail server was well configured. (it wasn't). So that helped me to solve the problem.
  3. I've updated the DNS entries so the real domain would be redirected to the new server. I just redirected the MX records (for email) so the web sites that are still working on that old server would continue working.
  4. Within a LAN environment with the old server I've opened all the Outlook acounts and moved all information to PST files or local files.
  5. backed up all the PST files.
  6. From the new server LAN all the PCs logged to the Exchange and Outlook.
  7. From Outlook we've opened the PST files and imported them to the new mailboxes.
  8. All is working perfect!

The most important thing is that we didn't loose any email during the change and that the other server is still having all info inside... so if something will not work here... we can easily restore the old server.

Critics are welcome!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Security passwords

From BBC Digital Planet:
"How often do you have to change your password at work - once a month, every six weeks? A new survey shows that companies may be protecting individual accounts well, but administrator rights may be much more lax.

Calum MacLeod from Cyber-Ark Software, an information security company, tells Gareth Mitchell that their research revealed more than 40% of companies had never changed their super powerful passwords, and 60% had been hacked in the last year because of this."

If you can... go and subscribe to the podcast, if you do it fast.. you will be able to listen the whole article about passwords. I'm telling you that because they are not keeping and historical registry of their files.. so each week the past program is lost.

But in essence the program talks about something that really happens in the real life... the security measures are for the normal employee... but for the IT... the rules are different. No body checks what they are doing.. so they are not changing their passwords. That means that other kind of security issues could be found in the IT area.

Something also interesting is that most of the hacks on the company's systems are coming from inside the company.

So which is the Tip for you all of today? If you are a non IT be sure that the security policies are also covering the IT area. If you are an IT be sure to report the results of your area's security policies. And of course in all cases will be good to know that is important to avoid internal security problems with the same importance than external security threats.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

SpringCast from

This is a web service that probably will be the next big thing on the Internet!
I'm full of ideas of how to use it in our different projects. And I think it is a great "tip 4 u all" because it solves many problems, it's easy to use and of course can help to improve the way you communicate using the web.

First: SprinCast let's you record your voice and video. That is directly recorded into an "online" repository. It means that you don't need to upload anything.
Second: You can get the HTML code to embed your "SpringCast Communicator" into your web site or your Blog (like the in my blog-- up right)
Third: The visitor of your site can subscribe to your SpringCasts with RSS or even with iTunes!

You can also let your customers to let you messages! Try sending me a message:
Send me video email

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Mac ads!

I love the Mac ads! here are 3 more that are really great!

  1. Counselor
  2. Better results
  3. Self Pity

Enjoy them!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

10 interesting sites worth to check

The names are very descriptive and I really advise you to discover what are they about

and one free bonus:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

5GB for file storage for free! Finally I see something good from AOL: XDrive

For some months I'm one user of AOL. The free membership.
The AOL mail service is good. But other services I was trying are really a pain.
Today I received their newsletter and I started to evaluate a new service, at least new for me, and it's name is XDrive (
I find the service not only good. Very good! Thanks to it I'm solving a problem: a backup of the pictures I have stored in my different computers. Of course that I have copies on CD's but the truth is that then I'm never checking the CD's anymore. By having them online I can get access to them from any PC or Mac.
XDrive also includes a desktop software that helps to automate the backup process. It is available only for PC.
The interface is very elegant and intuitive. I've noticed that is not so fast to load (I'm talking about the web interface) but is fare. Using my Mac and the web interface I have no problems.
I will post More info about it as soon as I will get more experience with the tool. But in the meantime I advise you to make the same... It is free and more than the double of any email service offers for storage.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Microsoft Codename Max

Microsoft codename Max is a software that let's you read news, create photo albums and slideshows but also share them with family and friends.
Microsoft Max requires a registration and it is free (for the moment). Give a check clicking here.

Windows Live Writer!

My friend Andrej gave me the advise of checking for this new software (Beta) from Microsoft. It is a "client" side program that makes easier to publish posts on any Blog!

If you have a Blog the Windows Live Writer will improve capabilities for formatting your post, adding links, images and even maps like this one:

As far as I can see it is very well made and extremely simple to use. I configured with Blogger and it gave me no problem! in a few seconds all was ready to make my first post.

The spell checker works fast (not like the web version normally included on the Blog provider).

It looks like a simple version of MS Word created to connect and post info to Blogs. I will post more about it later.

More info is available here.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Free vector graphics for Mac!

Some days ago my friend "Web BorG" ( published a post about a great tool for making vector graphics for PC. After mi question in hist Blog he answered that there is also a vesion for Mac!
You can see all available downloads in:
And if you wish to see his full post click here:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Videos for your Blog

Many persons already heard about YouTube service for video streaming on the web. Google also have a place where you can see videos and of course also upload your videos to the web. All for free!
I just tested the service from Google and I was gladly surprised because it offers you the right information to include your videos on your blog! Super simple. Just go to
But more good news are on the way because Microsoft is also jumping to the same idea and they are publishing a beta version of SoapBox:
That means good for us! The consumers!

Bootcamp Beta 1.1

I'm a proud user of an Apple MacBook! And I'm also a proud user of Windows and Office. Because I'm using an intel based computer I'm able to switch between Mac OSI X and Windows XP using a software called Bootcamp. It is still in beta version but actually it works very good.
I had installed the version 1.0 but today I installed the new version 1.1
It solves several issues and now I'm able to use the iSight camera, the microphone and also some improvements with the keyboard and the builtin trackpad.
Visit Bootcamp web site if you need to know more or download the version 1.1: