Thursday, April 19, 2007

EyeJot a service for sending video emails

I'm using a couple of services for sending video emails: Springdoo and EyeJot.

Both are in beta and both have some special characteristics. This time I would like to talk about EjeJot. It works 100% in Flash; that is good because it means that can work on any web browser and operating system.

The video and sound quality is not great but fare. the image is small but big enaugh to not make it difficult to see and of course it is faster than other options. The interface is great and it includes some very interesting functionalities like RSS compatibility. It also has one widget or gadget that helps you to make a video message to publish on your web site or blog.

I will write more about it later:)


Anonymous | 11:06 PM  

It's great! I will give it a try.
Your recommendations are so cool!
Very impressive!
I am working on the internal communication project for my library.
Plan to use a lot of innovative technology tools.

Jose Antonio | 8:50 AM  

I really appreciate your feedback. I spend many hours a day on the Internet, there I see that each time we can save more time and money by using tools that facilitate our daily tasks. EyeJot is one of them.
Don't doubt to write more if you have some questions about your project.
Good luck!

Anonymous | 12:36 PM  

I recently heard that Springdoo is having a makeover, with some exciting new and improved services.
I look forward to seeing and using them.

Jose Antonio | 1:25 PM  

Hi! As far as I can see there are some improvements on the user interface: now it is easy to navigate on their site. I also see that the design of the player and the SpringCast Communicator is much better. Performance is improved (at least this is how I feel it).
One difference is that the video is not stored "online", it is being transferred at the end of the recording session. I liked the other way because it let you send your mail message just after recording... now it is needed to wait for the transfer (upload).
I would like to see more improvements as well!
In the case of EyeJot the video is stored while recording and that is a big "+" for them.
Services like that have the chance of improving the quality of the video or improving the usability. I choose usability. I don't need high quality video when sending a short message by email to my mother. You can see in the case of EyeJot that the size (dimensions) of the video are much smaller than the one in Springdoo.
When web services get confused on what they need to do then the problems start. For example what happened to Grouper?! before they were a P2P service for sharing files and pictures (super cool) but now they focused on sharing video... some kind of YouTube but not as good. They are for me a case of "confusion" that I hope the team of Springdoo will take like an experience they don't want to follow.
I know the Springdoo team was working on integrating Outlook and their service. That would be really great!
I've contacted them many times in order to cooperate with them to have a localized version for the Slovenian market but I received no one answer.
Both services are good. And I hope they will continue to improve first thinking on their users and not only on selling their company for some billions. Step by step...

Anonymous | 10:30 AM  

Some great points - from what i know the new updates have not gone live yet. I believe this will happen in the next couple of months.

Jose Antonio | 10:07 PM  

Great! I will be looking forward for the changes. Please feel free to contact me if you discover the changes first than me. I'll be glad to make a special post about it.

Anonymous | 2:16 PM  

I certainly will. I actually heard it could now be in the next few weeks.


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