Monday, January 07, 2008

My opinion: The Microsoft Strategy for future

Looks to me like the strategy of Microsoft for the future is in some way like the strategy of Nintendo for the Wii console.

It means that they will not be so worried about the desktop operating system but they will be centered on Windows Live. Why? because it is the best place where to store all your information and at the same time being independent of the hardware you use. You could access your photos, music, documents, emails from a telephone, any computer, etc.

If that is true that means that the next OS from Microsoft will be a very light one and focused on offering security and speed without focusing too much on hardware requirements... like that you could use older computers and enjoy the same. But for enjoying it you will have to have hardware that runs with Microsoft OS. Other OS would also get access but you would probably not enjoy all the benefits. Something like happens today with Hotmail if you open it with Firefox or Opera.

The fact is that all that strategy would work specially well with individuals and students. Within companies the rules are probably going to be different. With hybrid systems: non critical services hosted on the Internet and critical ones hosted internally.

Nintendo thinks to make slow renewals of the Wii console but periodical updates on the software.

Microsoft thinks to make less important and less frequent changes on Windows but more frequent updates on Windows Live services.

Please take this opinion just like what it is, an opinion.


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