Monday, July 14, 2008

Mobileme: Solving problems part 1 (for mac)

Apple's new service named "MobileMe" it is a really interesting bet on the online market.

Since its lunch there are many users experiencing problems of many different kind, including me.
First of all, I think the problem is caused because of the huge traffic the Apple servers are facing, more than 1 million new iPhones sold in a weekend! plus all users like you and me trying to evaluate the free trial of MobileMe.

Problem 1: No contacts on the

After setting up my account and configuring my computer (Mac) I wanted to see if my contacts were on the online version of my address book. They weren't!
The solution is:
(Please be sure to have a backup of your contacts, otherwise if you make the wrong click you could delete them!)
Go to your Mac's system preferences; Select the "mobileme" icon; click on the "sync" tab; click on the "advanced" button; click on "reset sync data..." button; Select the correct arrow, the one pointing to the right side means that will replace all the contents on Mobileme with the contents on your Mac (if your Mobileme Contact list is empty and then you replace the contents on your Mac with the contents on your mobileMe then... your data will be deleted!); in the section "Replace" select the "contacts" icon; click the "replace" button and then check your MobileMe Contact page... all your contacts will be there!

Problem 2: I can't see my calendar items

Even it took some time for my calendars to appear on the site they arrived... The problem is that I could not find my events there. So I made an event from the Web interface and in a few seconds it appeared on my Mac's iCal, but on the wrong hour! Why?
Well it looks like the time zone is not being transfered. I just changed the time zone from the Web interface... and the problem is fixed.

Check the "preferences..." option; Go to the "Advanced" section; Select the correct time zone.


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