Monday, July 06, 2009

Effective communication and the IT PRO

Have you went trough the problem of being too techie for the rest of the organization? So far that your ideas are underestimated?

Many IT pros share that frustration. Many of us feel like we could provide much more value to the companies where we work but our superiors just can't get it! It is easy to feel like any additional effort is worthless.

I found out that the problem is a communication one. Even we understand how the company works and we know how to fix processes our superiors speak about profit, revenue and cutting costs when we speak about information security, information flows, bandwidth and others.

We are not speaking the same language! But we need them to care about our opinions and ideas.

If we want to be capable of growing our influence within the organization we need to achieve others to care about the value we can provide. We need to learn to communicate our ideas in such a way that they "stick". I advise you to give a check on "Made to STick" or to join the Facebook group for the same title.

I have learned that one of the problems is that when we speak we start from the point our experience and knowledge is. That means that we forget when we didn't know what we know now and that becomes a principal barrier. In the other side the one listening also understands according to what they know now, not what they knew. So how to make them care? How to achieve effective communication?

Well it is not only about saying stories. It is more to call their curiosity with topics they understand. Comparisons, proverbs and of course a clear sense of value. The book is really cool!


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