Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tip 2: Search Engine Optimization SEO

I'm very interested in the Search Engine Optimization topic. Lately we are making some efforts to improve how the Search Engines are listing and rating our web sites. One of the reasons is because we think our web sites should be between the 3 or 4 first results on Google or Yahoo.
One of the important concepts is to understand how the search engines really work. But that is a veeeery long topic.
Today I would like to show 1 PDF file where you could see the relationships between the different search engines. That's important! because knowing that you will find out where you should register your web site. How come? Let me explain...
Some search engines are working in partnership with other search engines. That means that they are sharing the information they have. So, if the search engine 1 provides contents to the second one... Then you only need to register your web site in the first one.
SEO is a complex thing, there are many sources of information and tools, click here to get a list of some of them.
That PDF is published on the web site of they are offering several services for SEO. This is not and ADD for that company... I don't know who they are.. I just found that PDF very interesting.


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