Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A message to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve,

There is an interesting opportunity I wanted you to know about. Knowing that you are one of the few readers my Blog keeps I decided to post a message for you.

There is a growing number of Notebooks and desktop computers that are operative and in good condition but using very slow Windows XP operating system.

During the past few weeks I made some experiments and the machines with old processors are working fine with Ubuntu and the pre-release of Windows 7.

Anyway, looks like the way of using those machines have to be as "purpose oriented" computers. Then I will tell you what is needed to make them really useful:
  1. NAS software. Use the machines as a networked hard disk.
  2. Time Machine. Use old computer as backup drive for 1 or multiple PCs.
  3. Web conferencing.
  4. And all the obvious: Web browser, Email, calendar...
  5. Grid computing
Don't you think that having sub versions of an OS for specific purpose is a good idea?
I think that populating the World of old computers with Mac based OS designed for specific functions would be a great thing to do.

The rest I let it to your imagination... just think on Starting the Mac Time Machine OS.

I've heard that you are not as nice as we think and I've heard that when you don't like something (like the Kindle) you just don't use more time to think on that. SO, if you don't like my idea just stop reading and let others like Adobe, Palm or Google to think about.

Wishing you good health and a fast recovery,


Jose Antonio


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