Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SharePoint: Review 2009

2009 was a good year for the SharePoint community! with many interesting things happening. Here my overview:

  1. SharePoint Conferences and events. From the cool SharePint to the SharePoint conferences, I think this focused and specialized events are the result of a vibrant community of open minded experts. 2009 opened the door to a new set of opportunities for better events. I have participated organizing the SharePoint Conference in Slovenia and I have in plans to participate in as many conferences and events during the 2010! The experience here was great!
  2. SharePoint Community. Somehow SharePoint became a sample of a global community. Sharepoint professionals from all different kind of backgrounds (Enterprise or SME) and with a wide range of expertise (Web design.... development) came together to transform their careers in a super interesting opportunity for expanding their knowledge and experience by sharing information. Something I can't remember happening with such energy in the past.
  3. SharePoint as an opportunity for all. During 2009 I have heard all kind of cases related to SharePoint. From big organizations using SharePoint as a way to publish information to the Web as small schools or organizations using SharePoint for sharing documents and information privately. From 500$ projects to millions! SharePoint and the huge base of partners are preparing themselves for offering solutions to many different segments of the market.
  4. Global SharePoint. I just came from a trip to Peru and I discovered that the community of SharePoint partners is growing fast! Most Banks are already working with SharePoint and some Ministries as well. South America is present in the community and hungry for expertise.
I believe the 2010 will come with a consolidation of the community and some kind of coordinated set of events. At least that is my wish.

What I'm thinking to do:
  1. Transform the "SharePoint Days" event in an open source model for all the community to use for their events. Do you want to make an event? well SharePoint Days should provide you with all what you need.
  2. Coordinate with all possible SharePoint experts and Sponsors to build a group available for global events. For example: Someone in Asia would like to organize a conference, then he would contact the group and from there easily would get in touch with interested sponsors and speakers.
Of course, feel free to contact me and send me your ideas and comments!
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