Friday, July 30, 2010

Magic Mouse or trackpad App for iPad and iPhone

Well, this one is an idea I would like to share right now with all of you. The intention is that if you can develop it please do... but must be for free to download.

Wouldn't be great to run the app from your iPhone and using Bluetooth to use its screen as the surface of the Magic Mouse or even better the Magic Trackpad?

In my case I always have my iPhone connected while I'm on the office. And I always have it beside my keyboard.

It should work like that:

  1. You load the app using your iPhone or iPad
  2. The app checks if bluetooth is enabled.
  3. When a connection is established the screen can behave as a trackpad.
  4. If possible the backlight of the screen should not be on.
Would be good to have it uh?

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