Tuesday, July 06, 2010

iCal can’t refresh the account

There are many persons having problems with iCal when it is connected to Exchange.
I experienced the same issue and now I solved it. But first it is important for you to know my configuration:

  1. I use a Mac with OSX 10.6.4
  2. I use Exchange Server in a hosted service, that means that I connect to my exchange accounts using Internet.
When setting the email account with Mail I got automatically the address www.outlook.com for the Internal and External server. But after a while I discovered that changed to some other address something like pod243100.outlook.com and when that happened all sort of problems happened with Mail, iCal and Contacts.
I have noticed that when using OWA the URL address was different, I just needed to go to https://www.outlook.com, login and the URL was changed to  https://pod51000.outlook.com/... so I replaced the address on Mail:

It works perfect. But the issue with iCal wasn't solved. I edited the account preferences using the same address I used for the servers in Mail and now it works perfectly.


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