Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How to make promotion for free using the Internet?

Well the truth is that nothing is free in this world! I'm sorry
But anyway I have some tips for you to avoid spending money for promotion. You just need to have some time, creativity and of course a bit of patience!

Tip 1: I saw hundreds of small companies that are having Blogs instead of traditional web sites! Blogs are easy to setup and easy to edit. They can publish pictures, texts and attachments. And if you need more space to share files you can get Windows SharePoint Services hosting to store and manage files and documents... all of them can be linked to your blogs.

Tip 2: There are some services on line, like Hotmail and Gmail, that lets you to open accounts for free and also to use your own domain name! So your email account will be name@company.com instead of name@hotmail.com 
With that you get 2GB of storage, antivirus for free and of course anti-spam!

Tip 3: Make comments on other companies and persons Blogs! Most Blogs let visitors to let comments, that will increase the chances of attracting people to visit your site. But please... don't use Spam posts! Just let sincere and interesting posts.

Tip 4: Register your web site on the most known search engines and in the most interesting directories.

Tip 5: Select on the Internet a free web site statistics system. That will let you know how many visitors your site really have, from where are they coming and if they are returning after their first visit.

Tip 6: Open more than 1 web site or Blog! That will help you to keep different audiences and to link between your different sites.

Tip 7: Use an email software for sending email campaigns to your registered members. (check for your local regulations about unsolicited commercial emails or Spam).

If you would like to know more about it don't doubt to let a comment!


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