Sunday, November 05, 2006

More web sites for making backups online

  1. Omni drive: (Mac and Windows)
  2. BOX: Online file storage: (Mac and Windows) 1GB free
  3. Carbonite Online Backup
    Unlimited storage space.
    ----- As you can see in the comments to this post there are some concerns about what "unlimited" means for the guys in Carbonite! Look at this link


      Anonymous | 3:16 AM  

      Carbonite is not unlimited. It's false advertising

      Jose Antonio | 11:44 PM  

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I will place the link on the post

      Anonymous | 4:03 AM  

      They have changed the TOS since that blog post, removing the part about "usage being more than average", and other users dont seem to have any problem with backing up 100+ GB. I'm soon reaching the 100 mark myself, so I hope that goes for me too.

      Jose Antonio | 6:41 PM  

      That would be a great story! if the power of Bloging would make a company to change their policy!
      Let me know if something changes.
      How is with the speed of uploading?
      Im using Xdrive... and it takes hours of hours

      Nik | 2:12 PM  

      Hi, I am the CEO of Omnidrive. Omnidrive is an access, sharing and publishing platform which has web access and tight integration with operating systems (allowing you to work with your online files as easy as local files - I know a lot of guys say this but ours is actually fast ;))

      So while we can be used for backup (and have an API so you can write your own scripts etc.) the main reason users signup for Omnidrive is the access/sharing/publishing


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