Sunday, February 18, 2007

Place a picture in a map

I was reading an article from Technology Review about a new feature from Flickr. really good thing!
It is about a new way of tagging pictures. Its name is "geotagging".
This is a very good idea especially for commercial purposes. Because business could use this technology to show what are they offering or what is going on on their stores placing pictures in "their" map.
There are available other services like this one but according to Technology Review Flickr is the easier to use. I still have some problems because I placed the tag in Austria instead of Slovenia.
Some of the services are:



Kyle | 3:08 AM  

Hi, there, i haven't really went public yet, but i thought you'd be interested in the geotagging site i have formed.

by the end of next week, i hope to have embedding for other sites working, along with group maps.

make a profile if you get the time, let me know what you think.


Jose Antonio | 8:43 PM  

Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your post. I went to your web site but I still can't understand what the service offers. I saw on the home page a lot of videos from youtube?
If you would be so kind to send me more info about your service I will be glad to go deep into it and publish that info to my readers.

Jose Antonio

kyle | 7:58 AM  

first, thanks for checking it out, much appreciated.

ourglobes is a social network based around the personal profiles of its users. the real fun though is in the user's ability to do what you write about, and geotag photos, videos, notes, and whatever else they like to their personal map. you can do this under the my account section when you sign in, then click "submit items." so if you travel, film, party or just plain have media of you and your friends, you can now share it on the network. soon, groups will allow sharing between people on group maps with common interests, and embedding for other sites is in the works (so you can put your map on any site).

as i said, its VERY early on, so the network isnt too large. i am like you, and really think geotagging is not only powerful, but think its a great way to connect to others by viewing another user's "global photo album" in the context of a personal profile. on top of its social value, the maps could become educational, promotional, or whatever else the user see in geotagging's abilities.

as i update the site, ill keep you in on the loop. but go ahead and add some points to your map, and we can communicate on the site (i'm frominator1)

take care,

Jose Antonio | 6:56 PM  

Hello Kyle,
I made a user some minutes ago. I was able to upload a demo picture. I have no clue how to add a geotag.
The interface is extremely complicated. I have no doubts on the power of the idea and application but if I can't understand the whole system I'm sure that many people will be in problems.
It is difficult to understand the reason of having a blog, polls, pictures, geotagging and having so many places where to go to manage something.
I know your site is in beta and that's why I'm taking time to give you my opinion and suggestions:
1. Make simple to understand the goal of the site.
2. Make simple to achieve the goal of the site. Don't puss the peopl eto learn to navigate so much to make 1 thing.
3. Eliminate functionality that others have btter than you: Blogs and that kind of things. Better think on integrating with other servcies.
To have web polls and results related to geographical data sounds interesting to me.
To make my own page with all what I have geotagged makes me think in showing business activities on a map for my customers. Even calendar items could be geotagged.
The service is working fast.
You are showing the number of members, I think that can be a functionality to implement later, when you will have more members.
Good luck and please kep me posted about improvements!

Kyle | 8:22 PM  

i see you've uploaded a test image- to geotag it, all you have to do under your account is click submit items once again and click the first link:
"Add Videos and Photos to your Globe"

You will see your test image in the dropdown box. If you want to integrate photos and videos from another site, choose the other option, and copy and paste the html embed code for whatever you are geotagging. Finally, type in an address and drag your marker.

I agree, I need to work on less complicated paths, but give it a shot. After the first run-around, you should get the hang of it. I'll contact you on ourglobes.

thanks again,

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