Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend reading and browsing

This weekend is for sure a very productive one. On Friday we had a great full day meeting with my team and then we went for some drinks with Matjaž and Vida. On saturday I have found some great weblogs and articles that are helping me for the challenges of his year; after that I went for some drinks with Bojan and Mateja. Today I countinued my research and I found some other cool applications.

  • I have started my journey exploring the Codeplex site. So, what is it about? it is the equivalent to Sourceforge but from Microsoft; it is a web site that hosts many open source initiatives that use Microsoft technologies. And they have really great projects, all of them free to use.
  • I was also reading the Blog of a very interesting person. His name is Michael Mace. He is writing a book and in the process he is building a blog. You can read chapter by chapter and of course make comments on it. The book name is "Stop flying blind" and talks about how to use external information to drive business strategy. If you are an entrepreneur you will enjoy reading that blog. Other of his blogs is called Mobile Opportunity and he describes it like that: "The walls between the web, wireless, entertainment, and computer industries are coming down...".
  • I also was looking for alternative business opportunities and I found a great open source CMS system. So if you would like to have a web site running and with capabilities for editing contents then you need to go to Umbraco CMS web site. Their web site is well designed because includes good screen shots, videos and all kind of resources to get the best of their free platform. They also have some commerce licensing opportunities and even a hosting solution. I think that it is a good thing to count with their work because it is well made and you or your company can customize it for your particular needs. You will really feel happy to sponsor them :)
  • Are you looking for business opportunities? Give a check on XING. It is a very good business networking service. If you need an invitation just write me a comment and I will gladly add you to my list of contacts. I'm using the service for many months but to tell you the truth I was not investing too much time in it. But each time I go to see my account I found new ideas and people that could be very interesting for my business development.
I hope my weekend reading and browsing is useful for you too.


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