Thursday, February 08, 2007

Use your computer or game console to improve your meantal health

Some weeks ago I started the experience of the "game console world" with my new Nintendo Wii. There are many articles on the internet about how to use that game console to loose overweight. Now I see there are articles about using computer games to make people feel better about themselves and even to keep our brains in good shape:
Scientific American: New genre of video games target mental health
Within the article you can read about a company named MindHabits, here is its address on the Web:
I find it interesting not only because of the use we can get from this trend. But also to think about potential business ideas. The game consoles are now connected to the internet and they are a new way to get information using a component always important for our Human nature: Fun! That means that educative games, fitness games, simulations that feed from real information can be a great opportunity. "You can be playing a spy game and check real news on your TV screen like part of your environment", "You can be playing tennis while listening to an online music radio", "You can go to play puzzles from images stored in a web service".
Learn, improve, keep healthy, from home and having fun.


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