Friday, June 01, 2007

A new idea: Mobile companion

Against what many people thought like first reaction, the new Palm Foleo is a very innovative concept. It is not designed to be used like a notebook or a PC. It is more an extension of a mobile device like a smart phone.
Why is it interesting for me? because it is useful for the most common tasks people tend to do when away from the office: browsing the web and reading email. All of them tasks that a phone can't make well because of it constraints of size and ergonomics.
If mobile phones can work like mobile computers I think a mobile companion can really improve the way we get advantage of that technology.
The Foleo is the first version of this technology and I'm sure the next versions will include improvements in usability and features.
Some months ago in a chat with Boris is asked: why the Palm organizers are uncapable to connect to a VGA screen? why can't we use them to show images or information to a multimedia projector? Might be that Palm is getting closer to the answer.


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