Saturday, June 30, 2007

New version of Springdoo

Finally I had the chance to test the renewed Springdoo service. I had problems with the keyboard of my MacBook so I had to test it in a PC with a 6 years old web cam.
The results: great!
I think Springdoo is getting closer to the users. At least this is how I feel because they have solved problems I've been talking about and I'm sure many users as well.
Before I had a user account with 1GB of storage and now the same users only can store 250MB. I find that an inconvenience and a mistake from them to not even send me a message notifying on that change. Anyway I had the 1GB because of some tests I was doing on the past and they granted me that capacity for those reasons.
What is new?

  • Now you don't need to wait for transferring the video to their servers.
  • Now is possible to post a video you record directly in your Blog.
  • Their web site works much faster.

I also found that Springdoo was acquired by CityBlock. I hope they will open their company for more investors and that their representatives will start answering emails of interested or curious persons like me. (so if you work in Springdoo... just contact me).

Use Springdoo to communicate more effectively. If you have family or friends far from you this is a great way to let them know you care about them. It is easy for them to listen to you or to see your video. Make the experiment... there is no risk!


Adam Freeman | 12:23 PM  


My names Adam Freeman and I am the COO of

Just read your comments, thanks for those I am pleased that you feel that we are getting closer to the user as this is one of our intentions.

I have not received any emails from you to date :( but please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have;

Regarding investing in Cityblock/Springdoo, Cityblock is a Public company listed on the UK AIM market. It is an open market and open to private investors.

Thanks again for your feedback.


Jose Antonio | 12:42 PM  

Hello Adam and thanks for writing.
I think that would be great if we could set an video interview with you or any person from Springdoo to answer some questions I have and I´m sure interesting to the visitors of this Blog.
We could use "springdoo" like tool :)
What do you think?

Adam Freeman | 12:46 PM  


I agree, sounds like a great idea!

Maybe embed a SpringCaster into this page and cast your questions as individual SpringCasts and myself or Tom Eaves here (Head of Content and Community) will respond to your questions about the service through your SpringCast widget?!?!

Take care,


Jose Antonio | 5:46 PM  

Hello Adam!
I was participating on the Microsoft WPC in Denver and I had no time to write "a letter" in my Blog.
But I can tell you that Springdoo saved me a lot of time in communicating with my family. The 8 hours of time difference between Denver and Slovenia made me dificult to call.... instead of that I sent them audio or video messages. Really cool.
I will think on the questions and right after that I will embed a Spring Caster.

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