Saturday, November 24, 2007

Upgrade from iPhoto '06 to iPhoto '08

It is amazing that there is no easy way to find a solution for the following problem:

"I have a MacBook and there I use the iLive '06. Now I got a new iMac and I would like to free some space on the notebook and move all iPhoto library. The trick is that the MacBook uses a newer version of iLife. How to do it?"
  1. First of all forget about looking for some "import" or "export" function. Those are for exporting pictures or photos, not for exporting the library. That would not get details and custom properties from the pictures like: keywords, name of the roll, dates.
  2. Burning to a DVD is an option. But if your Library is too big then the task is complex.
  3. Make a backup of your current library (Source computer - MacBook in my case). You can find it on "Home"; "Pictures".
  4. Go to the new computer (target computer) and find the same folder in the same location. You will delete the Library folder and replace it with the one you backed up.
    Attention! When you will delete the "target" "iPhoto Library" you will delete all the contents of that iPhoto. In my case I had none... I'm talking about a clean and just installed iPhoto '08.
  5. Once the copy process finishes, and not before, open the iPhoto, it will request you to update the library. Accept and go forward.
  6. That's it! All will be working like in your other computer!
Tip!: The same applies for moving the music library from iTunes!! and it will keep your podcasts and videocasts subscriptions. All working like nothing happened!


escale | 11:11 PM  

it seamed so simple but I was afraid of messing up with my current 43 GB library. It worked perfectly. Thanks for posting. I'm thinking in doing a blog myself gathering all these little bumps I have found in my way and the road to solve them.
Internet is the real thing.

Jose Antonio | 11:49 PM  

Hi Escale! I'm glad for being of help! please let me know when you will have your Blog up and running.

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