Sunday, November 18, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail - problems?

I use Hotmail even before it was bought by Microsoft. And I'm very satisfied with it.
Now I can use it in Firefox and Safari with almost the same characteristics as from Internet Explorer and we have more storage space to enjoy.
But today I had a unique problem that I hope will be solved fast:

"Windows Live Hotmail couldn't send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later".
I'm posting this message with the hope that some guy from Microsoft would check it... and take it to the right hands. I think it is a critical problem to solve.


Anonymous | 3:51 PM  

I'm getting the same thing and I am really annoyed and pissed. I need to use this account, does anybody know whats going on???

Anonymous | 5:04 PM  

i am getting that too.

Anonymous | 3:36 PM  

I am getting the same problem, and it appears that this problem has been going on for a while. Another secondary account was having problems last night, but I didn't check my primary account then. When I checked my primary account this morning, it wouldn't send.

Anonymous | 6:45 PM  

i am having this problem since october .. Hotmail is useless

DaveTap | 9:26 PM  

This problem doesn't seem to be MSN server. Customer has same problem so I logged into his account from 3 PCs and can send and receive no problem. My 2 accounts also work still there?
fine. So far haven't found the cause. We live within sight, are both on Comcast, use the same WRTP54G routers with almost identical settings, in fact his router used to be here.He has Tower running WinXP MediaCenter and laptop running Vista. I have 2 XPpro, 1 XP home.

Jose Antonio | 10:59 PM  

Hi guys and thanks for the comments.
When I'm using Windows XP I have no problems... but when I use Firefox or Safari is when the error comes.
It could be a bug related to the other browsers and the new version of Life Hotmail...
Let's hope they will fix it!
I use hotmail many many years and I'm still very satisfied.

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