Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apple TV and the future

So far Apple TV is a great product that is under used.
Actually I use it each day for podcasts, buying TV shows and movies from iTunes. I have no cable TV and that is the reason why my family selects what to see.

But I saw an interesting step on the new Mac Mini. now it includes a HDMI port and that means that you could connect it to a TV set. That might be saying something about the future of the Apple TV. Compare its ports:

Mac Mini lacks the Optical audio, component and audio ports, but in my case I don't use them.
So here is my suggestion:
  1. Apple can create an application called Apple TV. So you could transform your Mac Mini into an Apple TV and switch back to a computer whenever you wish.
  2. Start the business of Apps for Apple TV, where you could use your iPhones, IPod Touch and even iPad as controls..
Why that makes sense?
  1. Having a wireless keyboard: would be great to check my FaceBook account, tweetdeck in a huge screen.
  2. Would be cool to have a multiscreen (iPod, iPhones, iPads) for gaming and a common view of the game on the TV. Just imagine some War game.
  3. Apple TV runs a version of Mac OSX, why not use that as a computer as well?
  4. The USB ports could help to add storage capacity.
  5. Selling Mac Mini as an entertainment or home based computer would be easier than selling Apple TV + Mac Mini.
What do you think? Maybe Steve Jobs will read this post ;)


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