Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mozy review part I

I received the chance to evaluate the version of back up service for Mac. The setup process was very simple. The software detects automatically all what you would like to backup, pictures, files, settings.
I have the free version so I have 2GB of space available for backing up. The problem is that only in pictures I have 5GB! Thats a problem because then it means that I should select just some of the pictures or files. Of course they have a version that is "unlimited" but you must pay for it.
Just now I'm backing up 70MB, I have an ADSL line with 750 MBPS for upload but I see that the process is not so fast. The 7oMB will take 4 hours to upload. This is not so bad... if you think that you need bandwidth for your normal use and Internet browsing.
I can see also that the uploading or backing up process is not using so much from my MacBook resources and thats great!
I can see also that the transfer speed is going faster while more time passes.

You can try it now clicking here.


Anonymous | 4:06 AM  

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Anonymous | 4:01 AM  

Mozy is worthless. I selected 1.2 GB for backup and started it. It got to 6.8% and hung. After about an hour it reported ConnectionError4. I repeated the backup 4 times, and it hung at 6.8% each time. I reported this to Mozy and received the following reply:

"ConnectionError4 is normally encountered when you are attempting to backup one or more large files [1 GB +]. We are working to correct this for future releases."

So, according to their support, it is incapable of handling large files. No single file in my set came close to 1 GB.

I reduced my backup set to 668 MB, but it still hung after a few minutes. So apprently it can't handle that much data either.

Jose Antonio | 11:38 AM  

I see that the Mozy gets in problems when you start using it. Because the first time you need to upload so many files. But the second time when will upload only the difference (new files or modified files) it is better.
I will publish a new article soon.
Thanks for your comments!

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