Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is available for download

To download IE 8 click here.

Why to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?

There was a time when Microsoft Internet Explorer was almost the only browser. At that time, it was very Microsoft oriented and developed to work better with other Microsoft applications, like Office, and also not so respectful to Web standards.

Now the situation is different and the Web is coming to an adolescence where Microsoft is not the lonely important player in the "browser wars". That means that Internet Explorer 8 is the most standards oriented browser released by Microsoft at this time. That is the main reason to change your IE 6 or 7 to the new one.

IE8 Web site offers many details and videos about new features.
if interested on knowing what people says about IE8 in Twitter follow the link:


mytheory | 7:44 AM  

hello buddy..
i have downloaded the IE8 from
but when i try to install it,there is a problem occured,it says "failed to update patch"
what's that mean?
i got confused?
and how fast is IE8?is it really faster than Mozilla 3?
thx.. sorry 4 too much asking...

Jose Antonio | 9:53 AM  

Hi "mytheory", I think the download you are using is the wrong one. IE 8 is a full product download and not a patch. Please try the link on this post and there you will get the full download.
IE8 so far, on my experience, works fast. I'm not sure if faster than Firefox but definitively works fine.

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