Friday, October 13, 2006

Security passwords

From BBC Digital Planet:
"How often do you have to change your password at work - once a month, every six weeks? A new survey shows that companies may be protecting individual accounts well, but administrator rights may be much more lax.

Calum MacLeod from Cyber-Ark Software, an information security company, tells Gareth Mitchell that their research revealed more than 40% of companies had never changed their super powerful passwords, and 60% had been hacked in the last year because of this."

If you can... go and subscribe to the podcast, if you do it fast.. you will be able to listen the whole article about passwords. I'm telling you that because they are not keeping and historical registry of their files.. so each week the past program is lost.

But in essence the program talks about something that really happens in the real life... the security measures are for the normal employee... but for the IT... the rules are different. No body checks what they are doing.. so they are not changing their passwords. That means that other kind of security issues could be found in the IT area.

Something also interesting is that most of the hacks on the company's systems are coming from inside the company.

So which is the Tip for you all of today? If you are a non IT be sure that the security policies are also covering the IT area. If you are an IT be sure to report the results of your area's security policies. And of course in all cases will be good to know that is important to avoid internal security problems with the same importance than external security threats.


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